Top Ten Most Wonderful Things About London

The Top Ten
1 The Architecture

Simply stunning. And I love how old meets new. The Tower of London gives the Gherkin and the Shard it's older brotherly wisdom.

The weirdest looking city but also the most attractive.

2 The History

Just way too much to go into.

3 The People

Some People in London are nothing like what the Stereo types sound like! There are many who are So nice that they could be Canadian Because people say Canadians Are the nicest people around!

Extremely friendly - as long as you don't pull stupid stunts mentioned in another list

4 The South Bank

I met my gorgeous wife, Sophie of four years on the South Bank. I saw her standing at the railings, looking out across the Thames. I went and spoke to her and that was it. Met six years ago, been married four - with an 18 month old son.

OH MY GOD! Summer evenings spent walking along the South Bank, looking across the Thames - I get moments of tearful contetment.

5 The Hare Krishnas

When I come out from Burger King (I'm so classy) in Leicester Square on a Saturday evening, I know they'll be there.. Banging.. And things. It's a great sound.

6 Trafalgar Square

P.W: It IS pretty spectacular isn't it? I like standing on the balcony just above the toilets (! ) and just looking around at the people, traffic and buildings. Quite breathtaking!

When I look at Trafalgar Square, I always think it looks awesome. There's something truly exquisite about it that not everyone sees, methinks.

It's just so lively and full of energy.

7 The Markets

Seriously, you haven't lived until you've been to Camden Town

8 The Accents

I'm talking about a real London accent. Rough in the East and South and just gorgeous in the North and West. So warm and friendly

9 The London Underground
10 The Tourists

I think it's weird that tourists always say "Wow, it's a LONDON bus! " and get on and say to themselves "It's like any other bus". Well, yeah. Same goes for cabs.

Yes, I know you get tourists in every city, in every country but not like the ones in London. They are amazed by RED PHONE BOOTHS and RED BUSES! How cute is that?

The Contenders
11 The Theatres

West End theater is better than Broadway and Hollywood and I say that as an American. London's West End is 300 years old and mighty popular.

We saw The wizard of Oz at the Palladium. The most beautiful theatre I've ever visited.

12 It Loves You

You can be whoever you want, and act as daft and wild as you wish. London doesn't judge.

13 The West End
14 The Music
15 The Parks
16 Craven Cottage
17 The Museums
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