Top Ten Wonders of the USA

What do you all think are the top ten wonders people must see in the United States? This is similar to a "Seven Wonders of the World" list, but it is ten wonders just for sights within the United States.

The Top Ten

1 The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon

I need to come to the USA to see this! I'm stuck in Australia until I'm old enough to travel :P - Ninja_Potato123

Ah,this place is very cool and I love looking down below. - cosmo

2 The New York City Skyline
3 The Florida Everglades
4 California's Death Valley

This place is awesome. Especially at night,you can see a whole bunch of stars. - cosmo

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5 The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge
6 Florida's Coral Reefs
7 The Rocky Mountains
8 Glacier National Park Glacier National Park
9 Walt Disney World

Disney World Equals heaven

10 The Gateway Arch

The Contenders

11 Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park

First ever national park. Legendary. - GhostBird

12 The Statue of Liberty

Shouldn't that be "French" wonders?

Statue of liberty is good but was a gift from France

13 Mount McKinley Mount McKinley
14 The Willis (Sears) Tower
15 Mauna Kea
16 The Hollywood Sign
17 The Empire State Building
18 The Mississippi River
19 Washington's Hoh Rainforest
20 Arlington National Cemetery Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington national cementry is famous because john.F. kennedy is buried here

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1. The Grand Canyon
2. The New York City Skyline
3. California's Death Valley
1. The New York City Skyline
2. The Grand Canyon
3. Florida's Coral Reefs



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