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You know, my lists have gotten popular and acclaimed enough that I think they deserve a list.
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1 The Hills (Rant)

My legendary debut, and the closest to my mentor VerlitelCabal's style. - WonkeyDude98

2 Only (Rant)

WonkeyDude98 I liked this rant.

3 Demons (Analysis)
4 FACK (Rant)

RiverClanRocks and I like to joke about how this song killed the both of us - WonkeyDude98

Ya funny how people think Stupid Hoe is worse than FACK. FACK kills more people than my NERF gun. - AlphaQ

5 Jason DeRĂ¼lo (Rant)
6 My Humps + Black Eyed Peas (Analysis)

This is my personal favorite!

7 Team vs Royals + Lorde (Analysis)
8 Scream and Shout ("Super Black Man" remix) (Rant)
9 I Am A God (Analysis)

I think this is a rant. - AlphaQ

10 This is getting annoying (Intervention)