Top 10 Wooden Roller Coasters

These are my favorite wooden coasters in my opinion

The Top Ten

1 El Toro

This is my favorite coaster out of both steel AND wood coasters.

6 Flags Great Adventure

The best Wooden Coaster ever hands down!

1. El Toro
2. T Express
3. Voyage
4. Wildfire
5. Lightning Rod
6. Phoenix
7. Ravine Flyer II
8. Outlaw Run
9. Boulder Dash
10. Shivering Timbers
11. Prowler
12. Coaster (PNE)
13. Gold Striker
14. Legend
15. Thunderhead
16. Goliath (SFGAm)
17. Colossus Heide Park
18. Tremors Silverwood
19. Lightning Racer
20. White Lightning

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2 The Voyage

The most intense wooden coaster out there, it's an airtime machine! Better than the beast - u_maddox_bro

No better airtime. Representin the best state in America

3 Outlaw Run

I think El Toro is better, but this needs to be higher! I want to ride it so bad!

Son of Beast more xtreme than it, but Son of Beast is closed.

This is scary thunderation was my first roller coaster after that I felt alive than I went to fireman's landing it felt horrible my stomach felt funny still awesome though than wild fire and I rode the pirate ship I puked and than the barn swing and than the big boy outlaw run it was truly the scariest roller coaster in silver dollar city 🎢 that is a rollercoaster

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4 Lightning Rod

The worlds first and fastest wood launch coaster

5 The Beast

The Beast beats you up a little, sure, but only if you're new: it's preparing you. With some practice, you learn to avoid any and all headaches from the ride... It is thrilling, but not too intense. You think the theme, when you're new, is that you are trying to escape the "Beast." Soon though, you become aware that you aren't running from the Beast: you are the Beast, running through the forest. It's a classic.

There is no comparing to the longest wooden roller coaster in the world and the longest roller coaster in America. Also, get son of beast outta here considering it no longer exists.

The beast is my favorite roller coaster. As of September 2014, the beast is the smooth wooden roller coaster in Kings Island. I didn't notice the roughness on any parts of the ride, compared to the racer.

Best wood coaster I have rode

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6 Goliath (Six Flags Great America)
7 Phoenix

Airtime is surprisingly insane.

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8 American Eagle

6 Flags Great America

9 GhostRider

MY GOD! So LONG! Only pause is when you've went through so much you feel like you need to barf, then you see that you aren't even half way! Totally worth it to ride.

10 Boulder Dash

OKAY, THIS HAS CONTINUOUSLY BEEN RANKED THE BEST ROLLER COASTER IN THE WORLD. It's at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut, USA. It's so, so, so fast, with great views of the forest and lake. It's built on the hillside, and uses the environment to its advantage. It curves around the mountain, races through the trees, and passes by the lake. Amazing.

The Contenders

11 Lightning Racer V 1 Comment
12 Texas Giant
13 The Cyclone

My first wooden roller coaster

14 The Thunderhead
15 Megafobia

My 2nd favorite coaster!

16 Shivering Timbers
17 Rolling Thunder
18 The Viper
19 American Thunder
20 Son of Beast V 1 Comment
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