Top 10 Words Critics Shouldn't Use

Being a critic is tough. You must have variety, intelligence and maturity. If you use any of these words every other sentence, you're not good enough.

The Top Ten

1 Dumb

This word is overrused to death. It really means a person who can't speak but now it's something or someone stupid. That's what most critics would say. Now, it doesn't mean stupid, it just means bad. "That joke was dumb". Don't you mean unfunny? And you know what's ironic? "That joke was dum". - Puga

2 Stupid

This falls into the dumb category. It's lower because of the fact it's always had one meaning. - Puga

3 Gay

This is kinda self-explanatory. Don't use it in a negative light. - Puga

4 Boring

Yes, a lot of things are boring, but don't get redundant. This was the only bad thing Lizards ever said about Arthur. Well, that and the fact that DW's a "dodo-head". - Puga

5 Weird

"That joke was weird"
Unless the joke was about a llama choking a golf caddy, it's not weird. It's either good or bad. - Puga

6 Worthless

Pointless word. The smashed up toothpick that the dog chewed on the floor has value. - Puga

7 Autistic

Get this off the list immediately. - Puga

Puga: Get this off the list. Using "autism" as an insult is funny, but using "gay" as an insult is still immature.

8 Annoying
9 Cancer
10 Sucks
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