Top Ten Words to Describe Certain Genres of Metal

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1 Epic - Power Metal

Wow..Great list, all right words for the genres! - Ananya

2 Frenetic - Thrash Metal
3 Dark - Death Metal
4 Classy - Symphonic Metal
5 Complex - Progressive Metal

This is one of the reasons I like prog metal. Very few metal genres are complicated as prog metal. - zxm

6 Classic - Traditional Metal
7 Satanic - Black Metal V 1 Comment
8 Depressing - Doom Metal

I like saying ominous. - Metalhead1997

9 Aggressive - Extreme Metal

Extreme metal is not really a genre. Its just a part of metal music. People call it umbrella term. But yeah, extreme metal is very aggressive. Death metal, black metal or thrash metal for example. - zxm

10 Groovy - Groove Metal

The Contenders

11 Brutal - Death Metal

Is this brutal death metal or are you describing the whole genre? - Metalhead1997

The riffs. - zxm

12 Overrated - Nu Metal

I honestly think it's not that overrated and it's a little overhated - FireWasp2004

It's very overrated provided that most probably it's not metal. Usually Nu metal bands are nominated for the metal Grammys and often win. Korn won a Grammy but bands like Death, Opeth, Megadeth, Blind Guardian, etc. never won. - Metal_Treasure

13 Disgusting - Pornogrind V 1 Comment
14 Disgrace to Mankind - Crunkcore

It's not metal. It's punk. - Metal_Treasure

15 Awful - Deathcore

With the exception of Job For A Cowboy - nickolie

16 Crap - Metalcore

I don't like metalcore vocals. But I think metalcore instrumental is good. I don't like the famous metalcore bands. I like some underrated metalcore bands. - zxm

Great way to describe this genre of "Metal" - christangrant

17 Overrated - Thrash Metal
18 Robotic - Industrial Metal
19 Not Real Metal - Nu Metal
20 Exciting - Alternative metal
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1. Complex - Progressive Metal
2. Epic - Power Metal
3. Brutal - Death Metal
1. Classy - Symphonic Metal
2. Epic - Power Metal
3. Frenetic - Thrash Metal
1. Groovy - Groove Metal
2. Dark - Death Metal
3. Frenetic - Thrash Metal

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