Top 10 Words to Describe Hillary Clinton

The Top Ten

1 Crooked

This is the words that best describe her. All the others are true too.

2 Criminal
3 Liar

Trump is a bigger liar.

4 Corrupt
5 Cowardly
6 Racist
7 Crazy
8 Untrustworthy
9 Liberal

I don't like her either but political review sites rate her pretty high on honesty. You can hate her for other reasons I guess but the whole liar thing is kinda blown out of proportion. - keycha1n

No I mean the most highly rated political review sites. The ones that have awards for their credibility and ruthless fact-checking. You blame literally any proven facts on bias or political agendas, don't you? - keycha1n

10 Mediocre

The Contenders

11 Democrat
12 Generic
13 Horrible
14 Dishonest
15 Potato
16 Evil

Search "Hilary Clinton evil laugh" and you'll understand why I added this. - Therandom

17 Great
18 Hypocrite
19 Stupid
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