Top Ten Words to Describe How Your Favourite Music Genre Makes You Feel

Was listening to a particular band today and a whole wave of emotions washed over me - all positive. What word would you say describes best how your favourite music genre makes you feel?

The Top Ten

1 Happy

Well...first and foremost. It definitely puts a smile on my face. - Britgirl

2 Uplifted

Ah! The Brassiere Blues. Miss Lucretia "Legs Akimbo" Lovelock did summa her finest work to that number:).

I sense that ol' nostalgia that was mentioned is creeping in again. Still, the memories are enough to keep that boat afloat aren't they...? :). - Britgirl

3 Energised
4 Sad

Not the depressed kind obviously. I'm talking about the absolute happiness that you feel while listening to it that actually makes you cry. - Britgirl

Ah don' cry,
Cause, well, Ah'm a guy.
So that ain't why.
They's just' sumpin' in mah... eye.

5 Nostalgic

Yes and yes again. And largely as lamentation for youth that seems to have slipped by quicker 'n a weasel in a henhouse. Said it before - totally wasted on the young.

6 Relaxed
7 Motivated
8 Accepted

I don't know if it's the same for everyone but it makes me feel like I've been welcomed and accepted into a huge loving family. No other music genre has ever made me feel this way. It's a special feeling. - Britgirl

That's right. An' next Christmas, d'whole blues 'n' boogie fambly comin' t'yer digs. Don' fret. We bring the jugs an' the crawdads an' peel the ducks 'n' rabbits. You just' burn'em right, an' everybody be so happy settin' wit' they favo(u)rite hon'rary 'Merican cuzzin girl:)).

9 Confident
10 Free

I would say it's like "standin' on Everest, 'cept it's warm as two jiggers o'Jack" but I wouldn't have a clue what I'd be chatting about... ;). - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 High

Goosebump rushes... Even if it's only playing in my head.

12 Home
13 Powerful
14 Complete

I realised when I was listening to all my favourites that this word describes perfectly the way it makes me feel. It fills an emptiness I once felt. It was worth waiting so many years for. - Britgirl

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