Best Words to Describe Music

What is the best way to describe music with only one word? Tell what you think it is on the list!

Note (hehe): Don't add the word "music!" seriously...

The Top Ten

1 Beautiful

In the end, music only needs to be described through one word: beautiful. - Donut

2 Diverse

Everyone loves music because it seems to love all of them! So many genres. - Donut

Very. Music consists of so many genres, moods, and themes. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

3 Emotional

Self-explanatory. - Donut

4 Forever

Music will never leave, as long as we keep tapping our feet and humming in our heads. It has became a part of who we are as humans. We live with rhythm. - Donut

5 Creative

A song is your own creation. You can do whatever original melody you want! - Donut

What's your favorite idea? Mine is being creative! Guess the reference and get a free cookie! 🍪 - Danguy10

6 Enjoyable

Fun or sad, smart or crazy, it's enjoyable either way. - Donut

7 Innovative

Visionary musicians innovate what music truly is, changing it for the better. - Donut

8 Ever-Changing

The timeline is always altering its paths, splitting genres, beginning revolutions and changing lives. - Donut

Unfortunately, we tend to consider 20-year-old music "new."

Excellent list. - PetSounds

9 Energetic
10 Amazing

The Contenders

11 Divine
12 Note

The construction that makes a song what it is. - Donut

13 Helpful

Music is always there for me whenever I need it, and I would be there for it. - Donut

14 Disgusting

That describes today's music.

15 Annoying
16 Melodic
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