Top 10 Words to Describe Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail


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1 Awful

Hate his guts

So true. Best and most descriptive word so far. - Goku02

He isn't awful at all although he may not be considered best main character. - Jjb

Natsu Dragneel sucks

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2 Reckless V 1 Comment
3 Annoying V 1 Comment
4 Over-Confident V 1 Comment
5 Dense
6 Energetic
7 Crazy
8 Caring

"The world that we all live in is what we make of it, its not just up to you "

The kindest anime charachter I have ever seen. He fights for family

9 Appalling
10 Jackass

The Contenders

11 Courageous
12 Optimistic
13 Active

I think natsu is so positive he's always happy and he would do any thing to show that friends are important

14 Hot

Best Describes Him.

There... Right there

He is really hot


15 Brave
16 Adorable
17 Childish
18 Loyal
19 Powerful

Erza casually owns this sucker, yet everyone says he's stronger than her. What?

Think about it... It makes sense.

20 Awesome

Obviously he's awesome and the best!

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1. Annoying
2. Appalling
3. Awful
1. Awful
2. Annoying
3. Dense
1. Reckless
2. Energetic
3. Crazy

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