Top Ten Words to Describe TheTopTens


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1 Community

I love this website because it's like a huge family where we can share our opinions. Great website (; - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Like a family, that we are. - keycha1n

2 Mature

Even the kids are all old souls, I'm surprised by how mature, smart, and nice the kids here are. Where are all of you hiding in real life? - keycha1n

Really? Not sure about that one... - gemcloben

In are rooms on lists, duh!
(I'm 12 by the way, and definitely apply to what your saying).

Clearly you've never met Danteem or RockStarr... - Therandom

3 Opinionated

I finally have an opinion outlet, my thoughts are not usually appreciated! - keycha1n

4 Friendly

At first it was friendly. Now not so much anymore... - cosmo

5 Nice

Still can't get over the niceness of everybody, it's a rare thing online, and I love it! - keycha1n

Well, anyone who isn't nice gets their account deleted. - gemcloben

That's the best thing about this website - Delgia2k

6 Awesome

Well I need not explain, TheTopTens is awesome! - keycha1n

TheTopTens is the Best. Website. Ever. - Turkeyasylum

Great list keychain! 😀 - Billyv

7 Supportive

We aren't competing here, we're all supporting each other. Another rare thing online. - keycha1n

8 Funny

I actually couldn't breathe the first time I saw the funnier lists on TheTopTens, it was so much fun reading them aloud to my family! - keycha1n

9 Close

Its weird, but I think all of you anonymous people are just as close as my real friends! - keycha1n

There's always this one Poseidon guy who's just on every list.

The people I've met here are really what keep me coming back. - PetSounds

We are like family I guess. - Britgirl

10 Genuine

We're all real people, and there's a sense of realness that comes from messaging and getting to know these TopTenners. - keycha1n

The Contenders

11 Epic
12 Overcrowded
13 Recommended
14 Informative
15 Educational
16 Interesting
17 Masterpiece
18 Stupid
19 Harsh

Ever looked at the worst things that could happen at school page...

20 Family
21 Helpful
22 Fantastic
23 Amazing
24 Fun
25 Miraculous
26 Cool
27 Incomplete
28 Hateful
29 Annoying
30 Not Perfect
31 Escape
32 Obnoxious
33 Irritating
34 Hipsters
35 Lame
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