Ten Words to Describe TopTenners In General


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1 Hypocrites

If I am among the accused of being hypocritical, may I ask what it is that I am accused of being hypocritical about?

Of course, If I am not... Then... Yay! - BKAllmighty

Yep. Pretty straight forward. We’ve all been hypocrites at one point - KingSlayer93316

Considering I (think? ) just make the top ten most followed, that unnerves me. But its true. Yet everyone's a hypocrite to some extent-right? - keycha1n

Almost everyone here is. Only that they blame others (Which means I'm one too). - Kiteretsunu

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2 Opinionated

I would certainly hope so. Blindly preaching opinions without having any integrity is completely useless. - BKAllmighty

This is me. Definitely me. - RiverClanRocks

We all have opinions on here - RevolNiartRuasonid

This is why I'm VelitelCabal. I am narcissist and opinionated.

3 Closed-Minded

By this I mean lots of users some in the top 10 followers do not respect other people's opinions - RevolNiartRuasonid

Not many users disrespect opinions - NESSquid

Hating Nicki Minaj does not make TopTenners closed-minded.

4 Funny

Many users are funny on here - RevolNiartRuasonid

aw - codydoestuff

5 Biased

Lots of users are biased - RevolNiartRuasonid

Biased in what way, would you say? I am not claiming you to be wrong I am just interested in what you mean by this. - BKAllmighty

6 Cool

Like my username! - MrCoolC

I think this is accurate. - BKAllmighty

7 Excellent
8 Imperfect

This describes all users, as no one is perfect. - cosmo

Nobody is perfect though :( - Ninja_Potato123

Not all users are "perfect",they have their own unique flaw - CerealGuy

Everyone isn't perfect. Not even celebrities. - 906389

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9 Smart

I was the smartest person in the class for all of my grades I'm in 3rd grade and for kindergarten 1,2, and 3 rd grade I was smartest in the class

10 Nerds

And I wear that name like a badge of honour. - PositronWildhawk

I, also embrace my nerdiness. I am sure no one would argue that I'm probably the biggest movie nerd on the site. - BKAllmighty

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11 Great
12 Awesome

TheKirbyCreeper999 is the best example of an awesome user - RevolNiartRuasonid

Lots of users are awesome! ☺️ - NESSquid

13 Immature

There are a few that might fit this description, unfortunately, And it is up to them, and them alone, to change that if they do not wish to be labelled as such forever. Nobody asked you to act like five-year-olds, after all. - BKAllmighty

Not that many TopTenners are immature - NESSquid

People keep calling me this just because of ONE list I made--and it was even for a joke! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I would be in this category. - MeaganSaysHI

14 Mean
15 Annoying
16 Whiny
17 Political

It's a problem that occurs everywhere where a large quantity of teens and young adults group together. It has become apparent to me that, in many cases, those who know the least tend to vocalize their opinions the most. I am not a political person, by most means, and I speak about my views on politics very rarely because (I know that) I know so little. I strongly encourage those who fit the description above to consider that they might NOT know everything. - BKAllmighty

18 Hateful

Also known as opinionated with negativity.

19 Hipster

I am not exactly sure what it is that defines a "hipster". I know that those who typically oppose something just because it is in the "mainstream" to be considered as this (or, at least, so I've been told). I might be wrong. Either way, I am very in the dark on what it takes to be one. Could someone enlighten me? - BKAllmighty

20 Jealous
21 Questioners
22 Rude
23 Fighting
24 Jerks
25 Idiots

Darth Revan over Lord Vitiate and Darth Sidious. Enough Said.

26 Harsh
27 Stupid

They all dickride Eminem. He's good and all, but he's not even top 10 material. He might be top 20 on a good day.

28 Unbearable
29 Inaccurate
30 Misinformation
31 Arrogant
32 Narcissist

A lot of people add themselves to user ranking lists. I'm not saying it's bad. I just hope you did that because you deserve it.

33 Honest
34 Butthurt
35 Attention Hogs
36 Secretive
37 Sexy
38 Ignorant

*Cough* Puga *Cough*

😂 Yeah.

39 Tasteless
40 Trolls
41 Illiterate
42 Smartass
43 Normies
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