About The Controversial Item I Added On My List (Words To Describe the United States)

Turkeyasylum Hi, i'm here again with another blog post' but this one is of a much more serious matter. It's not part of the One-Off Threesome, but it's about some controversy I've been getting and my response to it. In my recent list "Words To Describe The United States", I added items referring to true Americans (such as powerful meaning we have a strong sense in wjo we are, and also our world power status), and the stereotypical American (such as idiots). I didn't mean to offend anyone by calling Americans idiots, as I live in America, and I was referring to stereotypical Americans (I want to make my point clear), and not the everyday, polite, hardworking, respectful, open Americans. I wanted to get this point around to all of you.

I get where you got the controversy from, as I made a comment on the item which made it look like I meant it. I'm aware now that the item was wrong to add and that I basically ruined my own list. The last thing I want is to be called racist, as I am not racist, I meant to add stereotypical items (sorry, I want to get it across).

In addition, I am going to ask the admins to delete the item I added, because looking at it again, even I am offended by my own writing. I made the list at 10:30 at night, and barely edited and revised it, and I didn't double check it. But after reading thru it and seeing your reactions, I realized I had made a mistake on most of my items.

Now about something else. I am going on a campout over the weekend, so the Labryinth episode will be delayed to Sunday. Remember, two of those flowers are poisonous! That is all for this post. And once again, I apologize.


I wasn't offended at all. Don't be so quick to undermine yourself. - PetSounds

The sad fact is that so many people on this list are simply echoing what the media have said solely for the purpose of creating tumult. These people need to grow up and create a real argument about what they like and/or dislike about the country, for they're just as bad as the stereotypes which they're trying to run down the people of the US with. I may dislike some things that this country, as well as my own country, have done. But that is no excuse for me to dislike the people of these countries, particularly not for things that were not their belief or fault. So lists like these always have a vacancy for trolling, but that is not the fault of the creator whose opinion and creativity had to come across. In short, it's time for the contributors to grow up. - PositronWildhawk

Thank you for your words, Pos. I agree with you mich about this. - Turkeyasylum

You hit it right on the spot. Great comment Pos! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Naw, it's ok. Don't let that get in the way of anything. - Pony

America are the real terriosts they start wars for nothing but money and oil no wonder the world hates them. - visitor

Yep, agreed! - visitor

We do many things wrong but that's bull. - Therandom

Stop being ignorant. We aren't all terrorists. I kinda agree with the oil thing though. l - BlueTopazIceVanilla

That's OK. - Garythesnail

Its fine relax bro I am sure know body took it that serious! - visitor

I may not call Americans "Idiots" but the government is awful, the regime needs to be changed, they illegally attack countries for oil claiming that they are a threat, falsely blame them for crimes they did not commit, kill millions by bombings and illegal invasions. They commit the worst crimes against humanity and then throw human rights racket on other countries. - yatharthb

Yea, agreed. As an American, our government is truly awful, and perhaps the most corrupt in the world. - visitor

Exactly which country did the US attack for oil? And if we actually did attack for oil, after over 10 years, why haven't we gotten any oil from those countries then? - visitor

Wow, aren't you an idiot! Do some research! - visitor

Lol, Moron. Do some research. - visitor

That comment about 9/11 is why I hate most visitors... - Therandom

Libya in 2011, and created the ISIS to invade Syria has in 2013. - yatharthb

Don't forget Saddam's Advanced Iraq! - CerealGuy