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21 Dreams

We follow the American dream. For ages American men and women have died to make this country safe and free. And we honor them for keeping the american Dream.

We Americans had a dream of having freedom from Britain Andy the government itself since the 17th century. We Americans go by the American dream. We have fought are independence for centuries( men and women) we all have equal rights.( except for kids). In cas you don't know I'm a teenager

22 Disneyland

What does Disneyland have to do with America.


23 Beautiful

Disgusting? I guess that is your valueless opinion. Please feel free to stay away, don't accept any money from the US, don't accept any assistance of any kind, don't use anything invented here, and especially please reverse any border defenses that we may have made for your grandparents over the past 100 years. We certainly won't miss you.

No.. why must you run us down that way.. ? We are not disgusting, sure we eat a lot, so what? I'm sure and I know people in other countries eat as much as we do. Yes, our president is horrible.. I dislike Obama, and I surely DO NOT want Hillary as our next president... but seriously? Disgusting? - CloudofMercury

Our United States has fallen so low towards the pit that China and Russia are better, same with Europe and even Great Britain, Thanks Obama and 9/11.

No, the people there are disgusting...

Wait, you meant the countryside. Oh, damn! I feel for it again. Yeah, the country can be quite buetiful, I admit, but so do other countries, so it doesn't mean much.

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24 Self-Absorbed

I think America helps a lot of other places out all the time. We are sending aid to other places all the time and the people in america donate to several good causes in and out of country. Also, is it wrong for a country to protect itself or try to fix its own problems first? There are stereotypes about people in america being self absorbed but it is not teue, the people who live in America are kind and caring and generous.

I am American, and I understand what other countries go through... Somewhat, I don't just think about us Americans. After all, we don't have any huge wars going on over here.. -sigh- Not everyone is like this in America... :( - CloudofMercury

Not remotely correct, the USA gives substantially more foreign aid than any other country, and also its citizens give more private donations to charities than any other country.

Got the blinkers on and can only see what is going on within their own country. don't know there are other Countries in this world and what is going on within them.

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25 Genocidal

Well if you include slavery and what we did to native americans yes we are genocidal

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26 Ambitious

I don't remember the us trying to force democracy on anyone?

Ambitious to spread "democracy" and kill and insult anyone who dares disagree with their cries. They are ambitious, but in the worst possible way!

Ambitious to spread "democracy" and kill and insult anyone who dares disagree with their cries. They are ambitious, but in the worst possible way!

27 Awesome

America is a wonderful place filled with beauty and freedom. Almost everone who lives there will greet you with a kind smile. We were built out of hard work and struggles and managed to build into a great and powerful, free place that can provide for its people and allows them to make their own choices. And I think that is pretty awesome.

I think there might've been a mistake here.

I know I'm going to get a lot of downvotes for saying this but... I love America! I live there after all. - RiverClanRocks

28 Overrated

Great! So that means you will stay away forever? That makes me and every American very happy.

I think this should not be on the list. America is a wonderful place. If u say it is overrated then I doubt u have been or lived here, it is not perfect but no place is and it is a lot better than many other places. If anything I think it is underrated.

North Korea is overrated - Nateawesomeness


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29 Loyal

Ivan tchesnokov is loyal


30 Innovative

They lost their touch a loong time ago.

31 Native
32 Genius

To see that you spelled areas wrong allows me to think that America clearly has not educated you well.

We don't always make the best deacisions but we have made many great advances in medical science, the study of space, and in many other ereas.

This isn't a word some peop, e use to describe us, though... - Turkeyasylum

33 Epic

Yes I love America

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35 Corrupt

Are you serious? America is not very corrupt! If you think America is corrupt, look at North Korea, which is run as a dictatorship, Somalia which struggles to make an active government, or Afghanistan, struggling because of war. - Turkeyasylum

America's Government is corrupt. We are no longer free, soon we will be a democracy. We were supposed to be a Constitutional Republic but nobody cares about the Constitution anymore.


America are the real terriosts not ISIS or Al Qaeda.

36 Cool
37 Dangerous

Our country is dangerous, it's dying, Obama is president, and Hillary Clinton may be the next president, people are suffering and killing each other, The United States is Dangerous.

This is the real number 1, it's dangerous and we will all die soon.

And other countries aren't? - Minecraftcrazy530

Walmart should ve #1 - Princesssmooth

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38 Heterophobia

Wait a minute...


39 Unfree
40 Greedy


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