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22 Genius

We don't always make the best deacisions but we have made many great advances in medical science, the study of space, and in many other ereas.

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23 Dangerous

Our country is dangerous, it's dying, Obama is president, and Hillary Clinton may be the next president, people are suffering and killing each other, The United States is Dangerous.

This is the real number 1, it's dangerous and we will all die soon.

I'm even surprised all of those stupid people in the country haven't died yet. Lol.

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24 Disneyland

What does Disneyland have to do with America.

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26 Successful

I think America is highly successful. To build ourselfs up from nothing through hardships and become a strong, fairly wealthy, country that can provide for and protect its people.

27 Charitable

Tragic earthquake in Nepal YESTERDAY.
India will have its teams there first, they are by far the closest, US has more sophisticated rescue equipment, already on the way, and already leading financial aid effort.
Before that, pick your disaster, Philippine Hurricane, Indonesian Tsunami, US gave much more time, effort, personnel, equipment, and money than whatever pathetic hellhole you live in.

Americans give more to charity than any other country.

Tell me, when was the last time the U.S. Helped another nation. Even if you could, other countries already did that as well, so if anything, THEY should also receive some regonition.

28 Ambitious

I don't remember the us trying to force democracy on anyone?

Ambitious to spread "democracy" and kill and insult anyone who dares disagree with their cries. They are ambitious, but in the worst possible way!

Ambitious to spread "democracy" and kill and insult anyone who dares disagree with their cries. They are ambitious, but in the worst possible way!

29 Greedy


30 Dreams

We follow the American dream. For ages American men and women have died to make this country safe and free. And we honor them for keeping the american Dream.

We Americans had a dream of having freedom from Britain Andy the government itself since the 17th century. We Americans go by the American dream. We have fought are independence for centuries( men and women) we all have equal rights.( except for kids). In cas you don't know I'm a teenager

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33 Diverse

You are Trolling up and down this poll, spewing hatred without a single specific, which could easily be refuted. Surprised the OP allows it.

America may call themselves a "melting pot" all they want, though the fact is that other countries are equally as diverse, if not more. Hell, other countries actually embrace and welcome it; their melting pot actually melts. This is obviously totally unlike those racist Americans.

Um Hello? Our country was made by different groups of people coming together and your saying we aren't diverse? Do you know what the word diverse means? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I think america is very diverse and getting more so. Also I have never met a racist person in the US and I live in america, and proud of it.

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34 Convenient
35 Unfair
36 Uncultured
37 United

Ironically, the United States is far from being United. As an American myself, it seems as if each state is actually its own little country, but all fifty of them are supported by a bigger government of some sorts. And nevermind that civil war we had between the Nirth and the South.

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38 Awesome

America is a wonderful place filled with beauty and freedom. Almost everone who lives there will greet you with a kind smile. We were built out of hard work and struggles and managed to build into a great and powerful, free place that can provide for its people and allows them to make their own choices. And I think that is pretty awesome.

I think there might've been a mistake here.

I know I'm going to get a lot of downvotes for saying this but... I love America! I live there after all. - RiverClanRocks

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