Top 10 Words to Describe Your Parents


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21 Amazing

Yas! -LetsGoSwagger


Parents are always Amazing
Just look what the are doing for you


22 Bitch

Don't you have anything good to say about your mom

Woow you gave birth to yourself... How did you do that?

Yeah, I think my mom is one of those too. - PrincessKiana

No just no. -_- - Arcxia

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23 Inspiring

My parents are a inspiration to me xo

24 Superior
25 Stylish

My mom is one stylish gal, she knows what kind of clothes to get me, sometimes my dad also but most of the time my dad is a fashion faux pas with deciding what kind of clothes he'll buy me. - PrincessKiana

Yeah, no. My mother has no idea what boys wear, and my father, actually, he knows how to dress, plain and simple. - Therandom

26 Funny mum... She is funny without trying. Today we took a taxi to a part of town we very rarely visit. The friendly driver asked "So where are we going, love? "
My mum, bless her, replied "I don't know exactly where this building is, but it's cream-coloured and has steps leading up to the door." She honestly didn't know why the taxi driver and I laughed. - Britgirl

I love these guys! - LetsGoSwagger

27 Weird
28 Sexist
29 Willful
30 Rude

My mom is like the black female version of Wario, she farts everywhere and doesn't give a crap and she's shorter than me by a quarter inch and she's overweight, no wonder why my siblings are rude also. - PrincessKiana

To be honest, my parents are rude to me and are jerks - MLPFan

31 Manipulating
32 Moist
33 Idiotic
34 Evil
35 Kind
36 Relentless
37 Everything

My family is my everything - Righteous

38 Flatulent
39 Boring
40 Homophobic

This is true for me :'( If they got mad at me for watching Yuri on Ice, how will I tell them I'm bisexual without them doing some religious ritual to "clean" me? - Absolite

My parents aren't exactly homophobic but whenever they talk about straight people they don't mention that they're straight.

But when they talk about lgbt people they mention their sexuality every 5 seconds. - Lunala

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