Top 10 Words to Describe Yourself

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1 Weird

Questions you may

Mine goes for it - zxm

I'm weird, and couldn't be prouder. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

This is me. What TopTenner has shot a wasps nest with an AK-47, bungee jumped off his house, prank called the police, wore a bikini to school and of course wears a pumpkin mask for swag? That's me. - AlphaQ

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2 Shy

I am shy. I've always been shy. I can't help it. I'm so sorry. - Britgirl

I am shy, always have been and a introvert. - ivylee

Hmmm...i'm nowhere near shy. I'm shameless. - AlphaQ

3 Quiet

I asked my teachers to rate my quietness 10 being very quiet and guess what was my average score. -5, I'm far from quiet. - AlphaQ

I'm pretty quiet, shy, kinda weird, with good sense of humour. Lol. - Lunala

It's pretty much the same with shy, I don't like to be loud or the center of attention. - ivylee

Yes, very. People ask me why and I'm like, "I dunno, that's just me."

4 Awkward

Heck yeah! All aboard the awkward train! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

I'm pretty awkward at times. - Powerfulgirl10

People often tell me I'm exremely awkward, but I guess everyone can be. Also, cool idea for a list! - Flowersocks2137

5 Passionate
6 Daydreamer

Yeah, I do like to daydream a lot. - ivylee

7 Random

I basically write random PMS on the site for no reason. That's me. - AlphaQ

8 Awesome

I agree. I'm too awesome. - AlphaQ

9 Curious
10 Animal-Lover

This is so me right now. - Powerfulgirl10

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11 Misunderstood
12 Stupid

I'm stupid sometimes, but not all the time. - Powerfulgirl10

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13 Calm

Nah I get out of control way too easily. - AlphaQ

Nah I get out of control easiult - AlphaQ

14 Lonely
15 Friendly
16 Opinionated
17 Devoted
18 Forgetful
19 Kind
20 Mysterious
21 Ugly

No my dreadlocks ate too awesome. - AlphaQ

22 Idiotic
23 Troll

I used to troll here but now I've cut down. - AlphaQ

Point for me. - ad48

24 Annoying

I pull tons of pranks and that's why people are caution of the "little boy in a pumpkin mask". - AlphaQ

25 Smart-Aleck
26 Logical
27 Worthless

We are all tiny specks of dust floating on a rock in a constantly changing void in which we strain to narrow down into our small minds. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

This is true :'( - MLPFan

28 Controversial

This was me bak in the old days. I've mostly reformed. - Powerfulgirl10

29 Lazy
30 Epic
31 Fat
32 Imaginative
33 Terrible
34 Bad
35 Cool
36 Skinny
37 Tomboy

This one kind describes me. I have more guy friends, but I have girls as my friends too. I like to play soccer in PE with a group of guys. I am not afraid to get dirty or do something considered gross. My voice can sometimes get masculine. I like cars, like the lamborghini, mazzerati, and ferrari. And I like brutal music, but mostly punk. - AnimeDrawer

38 Impatient
39 Unlikable
40 Thinker
41 Hyperactive
42 Loyal
43 Obsessive
44 Rustler
45 Reckless
46 Possessive
47 Procrastinator
48 Serious
49 Illogical
50 Senseless
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