Top 10 Words to Describe Yourself

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1 Shy

I am shy. I've always been shy. I can't help it. I'm so sorry.

I am shy, always have been and a introvert.

Yeah, that does describe me a lot.

That does describe me.

2 Awkward

Out of all these words, I think awkward would describe me the most. I can be speechless in a conversation and when I hear multiple people talking at once I feel pretty awkward as well. I don’t know why, I guess it’s natural. Don’t think it is a bad thing though

People often tell me I'm exremely awkward, but I guess everyone can be. Also, cool idea for a list!

Heck yeah! All aboard the awkward train!

This is me 100% I suck at human interaction

3 Quiet

I'm quiet and shy, a phrase which here means, "a combination of introvertedness and timidness, which basically mean the same thing but isn't according to other people."

I asked my teachers to rate my quietness 10 being very quiet and guess what was my average score. -5, I'm far from quiet.

I would probably be a millionaire if I received a penny for every time I've been told I am quiet or calm.

It's pretty much the same with shy, I don't like to be loud or the center of attention.

4 Calm

Nah I get out of control way too easily.

Me these days. I used to spazz, but not anymore.

Nah I get out of control easiult

5 Weird

This is me. What TopTenner has shot a wasps nest with an AK-47, bungee jumped off his house, prank called the police, wore a bikini to school and of course wears a pumpkin mask for swag? That's me.

I am absolutely weird, but so many people are considered weird that weird is starting to become normal.

I'm weird, and couldn't be prouder.

I am weird and I am proud of it!

6 Animal-Lover

I prefer animals than people cause most of people are not worth calling them humans

This is so me right now.

7 Daydreamer

I daydream about the scene in Coming to America where they argue about Cassius Clay and Muhammad Ali

I am a total dreamer like my sign
I am a Pisces

Yeah, I do like to daydream a lot.

I always daydream about June 29!

8 Introverted

How to describe me in one word.

This is so me.I like being with the people I know.

9 Passionate

This is me again

This is me

10 Curious

Of course I am

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11 Lazy

Yep, sitting on the couch right now.

Yes! This is what I am!


12 Lonely

Most of times I am

I feel this way!

this is so me

13 Devoted
14 Opinionated
15 Controversial

This was me bak in the old days. I've mostly reformed.

Certainly now.

Not really.

16 Friendly
17 Misunderstood

They just.. Don't understand me...


Kind of.

this is so me

18 Procrastinator

All the time

Procrastination is art if done right.
Jk don’t do it, kids. Or else you’ll end up like this person. *points at self*

19 Annoying

I pull tons of pranks and that's why people are caution of the "little boy in a pumpkin mask".

I annoy everybody

I was born annoying and I’m proud UwU

20 Idiotic

I'm dum lolz

21 Ugly

I have ugly dark circles under my eyes because I go on TheTopTens too late at night and I wake up too early so I go on TheTopTens until 11 A.M.

No my dreadlocks ate too awesome.

22 Imaginative

I am master to this domain and I love it

This certainly doesn’t describe me!

23 Worthless

We are all tiny specks of dust floating on a rock in a constantly changing void in which we strain to narrow down into our small minds.

Very true! The only thing I did was make my own movies and games. I lose everything!

As worthless as the elf bowling movie

Oh wow, so perfectly descriptive.

24 Smart-Aleck
25 Stupid

That is the one word that describes me the most.

I'm stupid sometimes, but not all the time.

Yeah, I think I am pretty stupid...

Dumber than a rock

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