Top 10 Words to Describe Yourself

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21 Ugly

No my dreadlocks ate too awesome. - AlphaQ

22 Animal-Lover V 1 Comment
23 Lazy
24 Idiotic
25 Skinny
26 Annoying

I pull tons of pranks and that's why people are caution of the "little boy in a pumpkin mask". - AlphaQ

27 Worthless

We are all tiny specks of dust floating on a rock in a constantly changing void in which we strain to narrow down into our small minds. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

This is true :'( - MLPFan

28 Epic
29 Fat
30 Imaginative
31 Controversial

This was me bak in the old days. I've mostly reformed. - Powerfulgirl10

32 Obsessive
33 Unlikable
34 Bad
35 Tomboy

This one kind describes me. I have more guy friends, but I have girls as my friends too. I like to play soccer in PE with a group of guys. I am not afraid to get dirty or do something considered gross. My voice can sometimes get masculine. I like cars, like the lamborghini, mazzerati, and ferrari. And I like brutal music, but mostly punk. - AnimeDrawer

36 Thinker
37 Hyperactive
38 Impatient
39 Serious
40 Rustler
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