Top Ten Words for "Love" in Different Languages

The Top Ten
1 Amor (Latin languages)

Whereas in Portuguese this translates as blackberries. I know, it's weird. - PositronWildhawk

Italian: Amore, Spanish: Amor, French: Amour... - Alkadikce

2 Armastus (Estonian)
3 Lonlon (Gen)
4 Kjaerlighet (Norwegian)

It may seem awful at first sight, but it is pronounced like sharlee et. - Alkadikce

5 Erotas (Greek)
6 Kärlek (Swedish)

Also interesting how kérlek in Hungarian (although pronounced in a much different way) means please - Alkadikce

7 Szerelem (Hungarian)

Just like Greek, my language always distinguishes between romantic relationships (this word) and every other form of love (szeretet).

Although it's funny how szerelem also means (I) am repairing. - Alkadikce

8 Muhabbat (Uzbek)

Also similar to the Kazakh word (Mahabbat). - Alkadikce

9 Pagmamahal (Filipino)

It could be "mahal" too. But that could also mean "expensive". - Misfire

It's more funny than how it fits the meaning, but I like this word. - Alkadikce

10 Meilė (Lithuanian)

So friendly-sounding. - Alkadikce

The Contenders
11 Láska (Czech)

Almost looks like the word Alaska without the A.

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