Words That Have Different Meanings In American English and British English

These are some of the words that have completely different meanings in American and British English.

The Top Ten

1 Rubber (British - Eraser; American - Condom)

They just mean so different! - Kiteretsunu

2 Pissed (British - Drunk; American - Angry)
3 Football (British - Soccer; American - American Football)
4 First Floor (British - Floor above the ground level; American - Floor at ground level)

Actually we call 1st floor the floor above ground level. Or at least we do where I live. - CityGuru

I never really understand what to call that floor. - MasterJamezZXQ

Well this thing can be really confusing if you're a Britisher newly living in U.S. and vice versa. - Kiteretsunu

5 Bin (British - A trash can; American - A storage container)

I...say both when I am a American

The storage container well in UK we have the bread bin. But the other is what you call a trash can.

Not nessescarily, sometimes a bin is short for trash bin. - Therandom

Interesting list Kiteretsunu. - cosmo

6 Pants (British - Underwear; American - Trousers)

This is such an interesting list, Kiteretsunu. The difference between English and American words / sayings has always fascinated me because it's still the English language! Why can't our cousins just adopt the English way instead of trying to change it? It would make our lives a lot simpler, don't you think buddy - sorry - friend? - Britgirl

7 Knob (British - Penis (slang.); American - A rounded door handle)

This list is so amusing! - Turkeyasylum

8 Fancy Dress (British - Costume; American - Formal Attire)
9 Braces (British - Suspenders; American - Devices for straightening teeth)

We call the tooth supporters braces too! There are two definitions of it in British English. - PositronWildhawk

10 Biscuit (British - Cookie; American - A buttery, flaky bread served with savory meals)

The Contenders

11 Chips (British: French-fried potatoes; American: thin slice of deep-fried potato)
12 Bum (British: butt; American: homeless person)

Tramp British: Homeless person.

13 Boot (British - trunk of a car ; American - form of footwear)
14 Dummy (British - baby’s pacifier; American - idiot)
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1. First Floor (British - Floor above the ground level; American - Floor at ground level)
2. Rubber (British - Eraser; American - Condom)
3. Pissed (British - Drunk; American - Angry)
1. Rubber (British - Eraser; American - Condom)
2. Pants (British - Underwear; American - Trousers)
3. Football (British - Soccer; American - American Football)


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