Top Ten Words That May Become Swear Words In the Future

Hell, God (in vain) and Bloody all used to be swear words in the past but society is accepting these words to be used again. On the contrary are the words on the train to Cussington. What words are these soon to become swears?

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1 Retard

What was once an innocent word to describe somebody who was just a little slow evolved into an offencive name to give to anyone who is a bit different. (I don't want to offend my type, I myself have Aspergers) I wouldn't be surprised to see it listed in the swear word category by society in a few years. - Cazaam

This word was being dropped by 2nd graders when I was in 2nd grade (2008-09), and now my high school peers won't even say it, which is proof that the public view of this word has changed.

Its wrong when you are using it to talk about a person, but when you just say something like "this is retarded" then its not bad. - SammySpore

I am autisitc and I use it. Like the n word,if you have aspergers you are allowed to say it. - Review

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2 Spaz

The word "Spaz" is much more of a serious thing in the UK than over in America. In the UK it's viewed as a highly offencive word to describe people who are disabled. However in America the term is largely inoffensive and instead mainly focuses on one condition, cerebral palsy. - Cazaam

Adventure time contains this word and AT is for kids - Review

It is used to describe people with disablities and dumb people, how it is not rude? - MChkflaguard_Yt

3 F****t

It's pretty close to being one already... why the asterisks though?

I think this word is just about there now. It's gotten to the point where it's offencive enough to whom it is directed at.

I didn't put the asterisks there. I wouldn't call it a swear yet but a year or two will tell a different story. - Cazaam

Why is it bleeped out it's not a bad word it's this political correctness thst id annoying

Fart? - Review

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4 Autistic

I met this sweet girl who was friends with my best friend, and she got really depressed when she knew I was told she was autistic. I told her that I had ADHD and anxiety and I wasn't perfect- and I told her I didn't care what labels she has as long as she remains a good person. Sad to see people like her feeling terrible because this is used derogatorily.

This shouldn't be a swear word. I guess Autistic people could be offended. - funnyuser

I would be very offended if someone used this against me or other autistic people in a mean way - Curti2594

There is nothing wrong with autism and will never be, whiever makes fun of autism should be dead - MChkflaguard_Yt

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5 Tranny

This will become a curse word. It is going down the highway to linguistic hell at 150 miles an hour.

It already is a swear word - Review

Come on, my friends say it to their transgender friends as a nickname and they do not get offended! - Extractinator04

A slang term for transexu.. sorry, transgendered people. What used to be a slang term is jumping straight on the train to Cussington. - Cazaam

6 Slut

This is a swear, what dumbass added this? - Extractinator04

Stop adding words that are swears!

This is a swear - Review

7 Schizophrenic

Please, they get offended by that it seems. They'd rather be told that they have the condition than be called a name which says they have. I don't know any people with the condition but I think they prefer to be left alone and not poked fun at. - Cazaam

I doubt that words that refer to mental conditions will be used widely as derogatory terms. The main one which span from a certain type of person was the n-word, which was derived from racism in history. There was no widespread discrimination against this, so I don't see this happening. - PositronWildhawk

I just searched it up. My heart reaches out to anyone who has this. - SansTheComic

Nope. Never gonna be a swear word - Review

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8 Crap

Crap is NOT a swear, and never will be. - Extractinator04

It's not a swear, just a strong word.

This isn't a swear, it means poop.

My mum hates this word for some reason. - Review

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9 Dick

This is becoming a swear - jmepa1234

This happens to be my grandpa's name, which is a nickname for "Richard." And I'm not offended by it. - creed99

This is already a swear word.

This is already a swear - Review

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10 Prick

I think this will totally be a swear word. - Songsta41

It's not a swear word but I believe it should be in the top 10 - FerrariDude64

It is becomeing a swear but it is not a swear yet - Review

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11 Bieber

Okay, this Justin beiber hating on this site needs to stop!

Please get this off the list. - creed99

Actually it should because people who don't curse won't mention him anymore. - AlphaQ


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12 Tramp

In the UK it's a slightly derogatory term for a homeless person. In the States though it's quite a bit more derogatory for a woman with a revolving door to her bedroom. - Cazaam

Nah. Will never be a bad word - Review

More like Trump, I'd say. - creed99

Tramp is another word for trampoline... - Extractinator04

13 P***y

Cats are aka this, why even asterisk censor it? - Extractinator04

DUH ITS IN STARS - FerrariDude64


Pussy is already a swear word - MChkflaguard_Yt

14 Aspy

This is a slang term? I've seen it used in books about autism! - SammySpore

I have Asperger's, but I don't really find this word offensive. - RockFashionista

A slang term for somebody with Aspergers Syndrome. It tends to be used more as a term between people with Aspergers. It may fall out of favour in the future however. - Cazaam

Aspy which is aspergers which is a bad spelling of asparagus is a vegetable. what. - AlphaQ

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15 Wanker

Can't be. My dad says it 24/7, 1,440/86,400. - Extractinator04

16 Fat

This is just a different, more commonly used term for overweight. It's not a swear word and it won't ever be, but people will still be offended. - Songsta41

A simple word for somebody who is overweight could become more offensive to the horizontally challenged. - Cazaam

This can't be a swear word everyone uses it

Everyone says it, can't be a swear word. Just another word for big boned people. - Extractinator04

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What? Are you trying to suggest that it's a bad thing to say a disease out loud? - Songsta41

I have aids, don't tell me viruses will be swears, too. - Extractinator04

18 Seventy-One

OH MY GOD how is this bad it just a number word

Take it off this List

My favorite swear word. You lil seventy one.

(yes it's sarcasm) - ---ChargedZircon---

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19 Nipple

Everyone has one, can't be. - Extractinator04

20 Swag

Not a swear word but illegal

Whenever this word is spoken, the person who says it is taken to burning hell.

Get these piece of piss fake swear words out, please, sysops. - Extractinator04

How the hell is this a swear word? - venomouskillingmachine

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