Top Ten Words That May Become Swear Words In the Future


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21 Trump

If a person has that name, shouldn't be a swear word. - Extractinator04

A student called a hated teacher a 'Trump Lover'

No way. Even if you hate it it can't be as swear - Review


What? Are you trying to suggest that it's a bad thing to say a disease out loud? - Songsta41

I have aids, don't tell me viruses will be swears, too. - Extractinator04

23 Hump

What? Camels have these! Nothing wrong with that, just forget the alternate meaning.

Yes for intercourse, no for camels, though. - Extractinator04

Already is a swear word idiot - Review

24 Hoe
25 Fudge

No ): I love this word

No. Let's not - Review

This is poop

Yep.Me too - waraypiso

V 1 Comment
26 Goat

No - Review

27 Yolo

I'm getting tired of seeing entries like these. - Extractinator04

How the heck is that a swear word?!

28 P***y

Cats are aka this, why even asterisk censor it? - Extractinator04

DUH ITS IN STARS - FerrariDude64


Pussy is already a swear word - MChkflaguard_Yt

29 Wuss

It just means wimp, I think. We had a visit from an author in fourth grade and he mentioned this word. I may be wrong.

30 Fanboy

Fanboy fanboy fanboy. Huh? Arrest me, arrest me! - Extractinator04

Fanboy and Chumchum.-. - FerrariDude64


31 Gay V 4 Comments
32 Screw

Yes. - Extractinator04

No - Review

Just a nicer way of saying f***

33 Justin

Get these Bieber posts ended, peeps. - Extractinator04

Can you people just stop with Justin beiber hating?

34 Shut Up
35 Twerk
36 Nipple

Everyone has one, can't be. - Extractinator04

37 Dank

It's not a swear and never used as swear.
Get it off from this list. - ---ChargedZircon---

38 Bitch

It already is. - Extractinator04

No cause it means female dog - Review

This already is a swear!

Bitch isn't a bad word ctfo guys. - AlphaQ

39 Wanker

Can't be. My dad says it 24/7, 1,440/86,400. - Extractinator04

40 Ditch

Nah. - Extractinator04

No - Review

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