Top Ten Words That May Become Swear Words In the Future


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21 Mental

Just a different way of saying crazy. It's offensive, but it wouldn't be bleeped out in a movie, it's not that kind of word. - Songsta41

Could possibly become a derogatory term for a person who is a bit out of control... - Cazaam

I hate this word! People call me mental because of my ADHD and I can't help it.

Mental? ❎ As long as it is used in terms of insanity, I don't think so. - Extractinator04

22 Jizz

Sexual language is different from profanity, plus we all have this. - Extractinator04

Nobody should say this anyway! Here in the uk you don't hear it much but if someone says it everybody goes silent. It's an inappropriate word and shouldn't be used

23 Bastard

Yeah, I can totally see this being a swear word. - Songsta41

I could see this being one I don't really mind though

This already is. - Extractinator04

Hell no

24 Balls

In what context could this possibly be a swear word? People may be uncomfortable hearing it, but it will never be a swear. - Songsta41

What about the bouncing kind. - Enderninja327

Look at those beach b****! - FerrariDude64

25 Fack

This is the name of the worst rap song ever made. Yes must be a bad word. FACK should be banned actually, it's about animal abuse. - AlphaQ

Eminem made a song called this - venomouskillingmachine

It's a misspelling of fake, but I can see this as one. - Extractinator04

26 Sex

Its not bad at all but it is not appropriate

Well, it seems as if people get riled up over the word "sex" these days. Whether they act like cowards or harlots upon soght of this word.

27 MotherTrucker

So, your mom owns a pickup truck? I don't think this will be one. - Extractinator04

No. - Review

It is just a nother word for mothe f******

It's so hillarious to pronouce it! - ---ChargedZircon---

28 Trump

If a person has that name, shouldn't be a swear word. - Extractinator04

A student called a hated teacher a 'Trump Lover'

No way. Even if you hate it it can't be as swear - Review

29 Hump

What? Camels have these! Nothing wrong with that, just forget the alternate meaning.

Yes for intercourse, no for camels, though. - Extractinator04

Already is a swear word idiot - Review

30 Hoe
31 Fudge

No ): I love this word

No. Let's not - Review

This is poop

Yep.Me too - waraypiso

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32 Goat

No - Review

33 Yolo

I'm getting tired of seeing entries like these. - Extractinator04

How the heck is that a swear word?!

34 Wuss

It just means wimp, I think. We had a visit from an author in fourth grade and he mentioned this word. I may be wrong.

35 Fanboy

Fanboy fanboy fanboy. Huh? Arrest me, arrest me! - Extractinator04

Fanboy and Chumchum.-. - FerrariDude64


36 Gay V 4 Comments
37 Screw

Yes. - Extractinator04

No - Review

Just a nicer way of saying f***

38 Justin

Can you people just stop with Justin beiber hating?

Get these Bieber posts ended, peeps. - Extractinator04

39 Shut Up
40 Twerk
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