Top Ten Words That May Become Swear Words In the Future


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41 Booty

Swiggity swoogy I'm coming for that booty

42 Genre

I know what this really means but its pronounced as "Jaanra" so I can definitely picture someone screaming "Hey you genre, wanna fight? " It sounds like a swearing word - Sasukes_Princess

43 Skank

Already is I believe - FerrariDude64

It is becoming a swear.

44 Poppycock
45 Horny

How? Saying you want to have sex isn't at all a swear word or phrase. - Songsta41

It's kinda sexual, but not a bad word. Said in Rocko's Modern Life - famousbeeotch

Will be a swear soon - Review

Never going to be a swaer word

46 Gringo

Already is a swear - Review

47 Prick

I think this will totally be a swear word. - Songsta41

It's not a swear word but I believe it should be in the top 10 - FerrariDude64

It is becomeing a swear but it is not a swear yet - Review

48 Penis

Medical terms will never become swear words because there always needs to be a proper word for doctors to say and for actors to say on camera if they need to. - Songsta41

NO - CN121

49 Vagina

Also a medical term. - Songsta41

NO - CN121

No - Review

50 Anus

This is the correct word for butthole. Why do you think medical terms are bad?

Will become a swear soon - Review


51 Whore

Yo... Yo... Don't add words that are totally swear words already for fun - FerrariDude64

Already a swear - Review

52 Troll
53 Moist
54 Chumchum


55 Immigrant

It's bound to happen. It's a hot subject in the media in many countries and putting the blame or talking down anyone that 'crosses our shores' is very common, especially online where select people against the idea have the loudest of opinions.

56 Ugly

Never, - Extractinator04

About the third worst thing to call a girl. Worst: c**t (2nd plc.) and whore (1st plc.). - famousbeeotch

57 Bubble Zombies
58 F

Why would a letter be a swear word?

59 Piss

No. This will never be a swear word - Review

Please tell me it is not. - Extractinator04

This is actually a swear word by the way. - Extractinator04

This is a swear

60 Shaft
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