Top 10 Words Often Used in Power Metal Lyrics


The Top Ten

1 Rising

"Thunder and spark in the heart of the dark, I feel a rising force" (Rising Force - Yngwie) - Metal_Treasure

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2 Destiny
3 Power

"Power, power it happens every day. Power, devour all along the way". (Kill the King - Rainbow) - Metal_Treasure

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4 Ancient
5 Tale(s)

Legendary Tales (Rhapsody of Fire album), Tales from the Twilight World (Blind Guardian album), The Forgotten Tales (Blind Guardian album), Forgotten Tales (band name), Tales From Tokyo (Blind Guardian live album). - Metal_Treasure

6 Force
7 Darkness

"Oh, it's sweet how the Darkness is floating around" (Into The Storm - Blind Guardian) - Metal_Treasure

"Darkness all around us, not a single beam of light" (Land of the Free - Gamma Ray) - Metal_Treasure

"Darkness comes tonight" (The Black Halo - Kamelot)

8 Enemy
9 Flame(s)

"I'm in flames 'cause I have touched the light" (Wheel Of Time - Blind Guardian) - Metal_Treasure

10 Everlasting

The Contenders

11 Battle(Cry)
12 Eternal
13 Edge

Edge of the world, edge of time. - Metal_Treasure

14 Dream(s)
15 Dragons
16 Eagle

Eagle fly free, The glory of Eagleheart, And I hear the cry of an eagle, High in the sky where eagles fly, Riding the eagle...

17 Glory

"High above, at the edge of the world, we're searching for glory and peace" (Land of the Free - Gamma Ray) - Metal_Treasure

18 Demon(s)
19 Strike

"Strike - and take no prisoners. Strike - holier than thou. Strike - without exception" (Strike - Primal Fear) - Metal_Treasure

20 Guardian
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