Top Ten Words or Phrases that are Guaranteed to Start an Argument Online

Please keep it civil.
(Disclaimer: this list DOES NOT reflect my own opinions unless I say otherwise.)

The Top Ten

1 There are only 2 genders

I'm on the side claiming gender is a physiological social construct that may not always match up with one's biological sex, but we have free speech here, so people can disagree and I could care less. What I do ask is that people actually treat each other with respect. I can't tell you how many disgusting comments I have seen that blatantly dehumanize trans people. Even if you don't like their opinions or actions, you should still treat them like fellow human beings that deserve basic human rights! - Atham

Because there is. - Crizz

One thousand times yes. The only statement that even comes close is the earth is flat, and that one is hilarious.

"(insert arbitrary thing) will make you go to Hell" will definitely cause a great argument - germshep24

How to trigger a liberal 101 - Randomator

2 (Insert popular thing here) sucks

Pop music sucks. There we go...
(Don't take this too serious) - Userguy44

Heavy metal sucks - Luckys

Really just saying that the MCU isn't that great will get you a bunch of hate replies or an MCU is alright comment. MCU lovers worship the MCU - germshep24

Fortnite Sucks. Now If you’ll excuse me I think some triggered fortnite fans are coming - Randomator

3 Donald Trump

This one will be over about 3 years after his Presidency (hopefully 1 year), see has Republicans still talk about Obama even though his Presidency has been over for almost 3 years now, but then again that might just be because our current President loves Obama so much - germshep24

Argue all you want, he is guaranteed to win again in 2020.

He isn't guaranteed to win, stop talking out your butt, though I can understand your thought process, the President almost never loses the reelection - germshep24

Hurr durr orange man bad - Not_A_Weeaboo

Want to piss off anyone on the left? Just say Donald Trump. It’s that easy - Randomator

Not just the left, it will also piss off the right has well, if you want to piss off a majority of America just say his names - germshep24

4 Metal is just people screaming about Satan

Nothing like ignorance to get an argument started - germshep24

5 Rap? More like crap!

I cringe whenever I see someone unironically use this phrase. - Atham

Try listening to Cardi B or Post Malone. It's hard to argue it isn't CRAP.

Try listening to Immortal Technique or Kendrick Lamar. Will be hard to argue that it is CRAP. If you actually listen to the correct artists it will be good. - DarkBoi-X

Is this supposed to be a Mr. Perfect meme, he was the one that made the rap is crap song right - germshep24

6 I didn't think Sword Art Online was that bad

Hating on SAO can start arguments as well. When it comes to this show people either passionately love it or passionately hate it. There is virtually no in-between. - Atham

7 The earth is flat

Whoever says that is stupid - 23windomt

8 Vaccines cause autism

There is no good proof that this is true, but many woke Facebook soccer moms are somehow convinced that the herbs and essential oils they found on some blog are better remedies than vaccines created by professional lab researchers. - Atham

Which, of course, is a completely outdated method of treating illnesses. - Archived

Damn Anti-Vax parents. - RadioHead03

9 (Insert anime character here) is best girl

Cory Baxter best wife - Not_A_Weeaboo

It is hard to find online arguments more heated than two weebs fighting over which fictional animated girl is better. - Atham

10 The Last Jedi is a good movie

Really anything regarding Star Wars will start an argument, because that is how much of an impact Star Wars has made - germshep24

I really enjoyed watching it, but it is still a very flawed movie. - Atham

Calling anyone who hated it a whiny fan baby doesn't help. I may have done this a few times... - truckturner

I hated it - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Eminem created rap

Who would actually think Eminem created rap though?
equally as effective is say that Eminem is the GOAT of rap - germshep24

12 Creationism or evolution
13 Subscribe to T-Series

Not a super relevant topic anymore, but this list was in my drafts for a while. Even then, siding with T-Series was, and still is to an extent, treated as a cardinal sin. - Atham

The meme has gotten so stale that I actually WANT T-Series to surpass Felix despite being a fan of PewDiePie. - Not_A_Weeaboo

It has, also who cares who has the highest number of subscribers - germshep24

If you like Bollywood trailers there is nothing wrong with subscribing to them, but otherwise it's whatever they don't give you any real content. It was more of the last real independent creator versus major companies thing it was a cool meme in 2018 - germshep24

14 All races are equal

This one is kind of sad really, all races should be equal but racism exists - germshep24

15 Memes are bad and useless

They are great and useless thank you very much! - Stalin

They are bad and useless. Only some are funny. - Luckys

They are in my opinion - darthvadern

16 Fortnite is good

This starts a lot of them. - B1ueNew

This brings up every hate comment. - Userguy44

17 (Insert anime here) sucks

Anime fans have some kind of rabid devotion to the stuff. It's like a cult.

18 I don’t like Steven Universe

That's why you don't bring it up in the first place lol - Crizz

20 My religion is better than yours

This and the “God isn’t real” statement causes a Hellstorm. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Or a much more innocent "I don't believe in God" or simply "I'm an Atheist" - germshep24

21 Fox news
22 Article 13
23 T-series or pewdiepie
24 I love pizza
25 Fortnite is bad
26 Family Guy is Offensive

We all know its true.

27 I don't like Kanye West
28 Most modern music sucks

Even though you specify "most", as in not all modern music sucks, people will just call you an old head, even though you actually like some music of today, it's just that you think that the quality of music as a whole has devolved.

29 Trap music/mumble rap sucks and takes no talent

Well it's true...

30 9/11 Was an Inside Job
31 Amourshipping or Pokeshipping
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