Top 10 Words or Phrases that Need to Die

These are Words or Phrases that I think are ruining Society.

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I acknowledge this once meant something, but now it's meaningless. If you disagree with a homosexual you are not "homophobic": however this is what many seem to think today. Disagreeing with someone does not mean you want them to cease existing.

It all depends on what that disagreement is about, like for example if you disagree that African Americans shouldn't be allowed to vote, the person that believes this may think their not racist because their not actively preventing that race from voting, but your believe system stands on prevent another from having the same basic rights
Also homophobic doesn't mean you want gay people to cease existing that would be a extremist or anti-homosexual extremist to be more specific - germshep24

For the comments that say that not supporting the LGBT community doesn't make homophobic, keep in mind by saying you don't support them your implying that your against what that community stands for in the case of the LGBT community it stands for equal rights for the LGBT to the hetero community and if your against the rights of the LGBT that would make you homophobic.
Now if you aren't active or apart of said community that would be a completely different story, that merely means that you don't understand the community or its issues and that is just fine. so if you don't want to be called a homophobe then say your not apart of said community not that your against said community. I'm sure most of the comments that says I don't support the community actually meant that your not apart of the community, but words are very important and you should chose them wisely otherwise you have to backpedal and go back and give your definition of what you were saying - germshep24

They Could Just be Straight and want to follow God's ways, Like Me. Same Gender Marriage has, believe it or not, Caused Literal Childhood Trauma. - DStar

This is one of the reasons I really don't want to be forced to support the LGBT community the more names you call someone the more people that will not want to support your agenda - RawIsgore

But by say I don't support a certain community it means that your against a certain community.
For example I'm not a gamer, but I don't say I don't support gamers because then I would be saying that being a gamer is stupid, I merely say I'm not apart of the gaming community because that is true I know nothing about gaming issue going on right know or what the community is talking about - germshep24


What is it with People these Days? To Me, people are just saying this cause they think that Not Trusting Friends makes them "So cool". This Word, "Preachy" needs to stop. If they want to talk about friendship than let them do so. - DStar

What is preachy? - LesbianPotato48


We don't live in the 90s, this is the 21st century everyone is a nerd, it is means nothing when you call someone it, it is like screaming human at a person, you could put what is the point - germshep24

If They're Very Smart and Very into Tech, does that really mean that they're stupid and open for you to pick on. - DStar

"Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one."
- Bill Gates - SuperSonic17

People call me this, in my opinion a nerd (no offense) is someone who enjoys learning (I HATE LEARNING) and someone who gets straight A's (I get a's and b's.) I'm smart, but there are way smarter people than me. - Luckys


It sounds like a Cuss Word. And if Someone is too scared to do something, does that make them a Bad Person? - DStar

Why does that person have to be scared, they could just as easily know that it is pointless to do something so decided not to - germshep24

My dad calls me that

Maybe a "wuss" is just smarter than you, sense they know that what your doing is stupid and illogical. - LesbianPotato48

Not a True Fan

I don't get this, I mean that people that use it just want to brag about how awesome they are because of how much stuff they have of that particular thing - germshep24

Everyone's Entitled to their Own Opinions. - DStar

"I don't care if your following me for 2 years or 2 minutes, your a sprinkle in this cake" - TheOddOnesOut - LesbianPotato48

Git Gud

There's Really Nothing Wrong with Playing on Easier Difficulties. - DStar

Again, what does this mean? - LesbianPotato48

Filthy Casual

One of the reasons games that are mostly competitive are the worst.

Uh if you say this so is your opinion. - LesbianPotato48

I am so tired of Hearing Competitives Say this. - DStar


What's really the Problem with Being More Targeted toward Kids? Kids Lives Matter you know. - DStar


I'm Not Saying that Butchers need to Lose their Jobs, what I am saying is that just because they censor some stuff in an anime in order to appeal more to the Younger generation is not "Butchering" Anime. You're Just So Obsessed with seeing adult material. - DStar


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Just stop using it because you get offended by the tiniest of things - RawIsgore


The Word was Tolerable at First, but then everybody started Calling Everything that Involved Technology a Ripoff of Dexter's Lab, and it turned into a bunch of Dumb, Annoying, Nostalgia Bias. - DStar


I hate it when cancer is used as a cuss word. - Userguy44

When people say something is “cancer” it just sounds cringey - Kittyamaze1


Nope. Not gonna happen

A pointless word, everything is overrated to someone, just like everything is underrated to someone it all depends on who you hang out with.Essentially overrated just means this is really popular and underrated means this isn't as popular, whether it should be as popular as it is is irrelevant because everyone has different tastes and different ideas on what is and isn't good - germshep24


People have changed the meaning of this word to mean: when a person gets given a really sick burn - germshep24

People misused it. - MrCoolC


Yeah I really don't see a point in this word - RawIsgore


My friend put some paper on a water bottle that said " Yeet Water" - 23windomt

I just don't understand this word...

What does it mean? - Userguy44

That is the point African Americans like to make up words that are usually understood by their community before this it was skeet, it is a huge part of the hip hop culture - germshep24


This should be higher. Joking about suicide is not funny.


People really love to use this word has another reason for over exaggeration, very few like to use this word the correct way.
I literally just saw a guy punch this dude's face off, when they really meant that they saw a crazy bar fight - germshep24

Well watching the loud house has gotten me to say this word more often so sorry - RawIsgore


This is just shaming a person that is new to a game, by using it your just encouraging them not to play the game or your being uninviting of new people to your gaming community - germshep24


People misuse this word.



Industry Plant
F**K You

Well, I say this when I express my anger at somebody, but it isn’t often. - Userguy44


Just because someone doesn't agree with YOUR politics doesn't make them a Nazi. Read a little history and educate yourself before throwing around Nazi. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

I think we can thank the show Seinfield for this and the famous Soup Nazi episode forever changing what the word nazi means - germshep24

Expecto Patronum

Haha no dementors

How could you...?

Dabbing is dumb. Only the desperate for attention do it. Also, it's like nazi. lulz

Fake News

These days this term gets overused as a blanket term for "News I don't want to hear", even if they're ignoring the truth. - SuperSonic17

No Offense
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