Top Ten Words/Phrases That Prove That You're Mad at Someone


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1 F*** You

Hmm Usually teens use it, Thinking it will make them cool...But it's actually annoying and isn't cool. - Ananya

People need to understand that when teens curse, it's not always to look cool. Most of the time it's to add weight to their words. - LordDovahkiin

One of the most common ones I've heard lately, but I personally don't like saying this. It makes you sound immature. That's what I think. - cosmo

Grown-ups and immature teenagers say this nonstop. It get really old, and irritating after awhile. - nintendofan126

Teens say this to be "cool". in real life they are as cool as a piece of seaweed stuck is someone's mouth

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2 How Dare You

Haha this what I usually say. - Britgirl

That's what my friend says.

Technically me! - Fandom_Lover

3 You Suck
4 You're a B****
5 You'll Pay for This

I mostly hear this one in movies. - nintendofan126

6 You Dare Do That
7 You're the Worst Person Ever
8 You're Just an A**hole Who Can't Shut Up
9 I Hate You So Much

That's song lyrics to Gorgeous by Taylor Swift.

One of the mm out common ones on this list. - nintendofan126

10 You're Horrible

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11 Go F*** Yourself

Nothing tops the F word as far as "curse" words go, you are maxed out at this point - RustyNail

12 Suck My D***

I'm ready to put down my pants! Haha!

13 F*** Off!
14 Shut the F*** up
15 C***
16 Shut Up!
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