Top 10 Words That Shouldn't be Shortened

As a lazy person, I don't think there's anything wrong with using shortcuts when it comes to typing words. However, there are some of these that sound ridiculous outside the internet and text messages. Here are ten shortened words that shouldn't be used in your daily basis.

Note: I'm not saying you must avoid using these, but these are just some shortened words I wouldn't consider using if I were you.

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1 Assignment (Ass)

A teacher of mine told me that when she asked her class to pass their papers, a student of hers from that time passed a paper that said: "Sorry, miss, I forgot to bring my ass today." How would you forget to bring your ass? - Misfire

Kiss my assignment.
I will kick your assignment.
That kid's about to get his assignment handed to him. - Archived

Teacher: Okay, this is what you'll have to do for the ass... - RoseWeasley

I forgot to bring my ass, LOL - Metal_Treasure

2 Baby/Babe (Bae)

Bae actually means Before Anyone Else. - RoseWeasley

Looks and sounds dumb - blackflower

Was 'babe' too long? - Misfire

Yup - Luckys

3 Jealous (Jelly)

Both sound tasty (call me weird) but the word jealous should stay - darthvadern

I like to say Jelly lol, it just sounds better. - Luckys

When most people hear 'jelly' they think of the spread that goes with peanut butter. And, the word 'jelly' has the same amount of syllables as 'jealous' anyway, and the number of letters doesn't change much, so why shorten it? - Misfire

4 Random (Rando)

This is laziness at its finest. It doesn't really change much. It still has two syllables and only one letter is removed. - Misfire

Very lazy - darthvadern

It’s just one letter removed - sadical

5 Totally (Totes)

Sounds stupid. - Luckys

Totes? More like totem poles - darthvadern

Totes just sounds dumb. - MattAffterburner

No. Just no. - Misfire

6 Ridiculous (Ridic)

Saying that just makes you seem ridiculous. - Misfire

Don’t say this ever - sadical

7 Husband (Hubby)

Sounds a bit childish - darthvadern

*cringes* - RoseWeasley

Seriously. The syllables are just the same! - Misfire

Hubby is a cringy word. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

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8 Vacation (Vacay)

It doesn't really sound as relaxing. - Misfire

9 Awkward (Awks)

AWKS! AWKS! Sounds like a bird's mating call. - MattAffterburner

It just doesn't sound pleasant to me... - Misfire

Don’t say this or I’ll delete your Fortnite account - sadical

10 Suspicious (Sus)

This is something I'd say. - Luckys

I say this though. - MattAffterburner

Susp is better - darthvadern

It just... sounds bad. - Misfire

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The Contenders

11 Television (Telly)
12 Dictator (Dic)

Oh, God.
So, um... Kim Jong-Un's a dic. (Thanks for the addition by the way! ) - Misfire

Hitler was a dic(k) - RoseWeasley

I mean most of them are dics to their people so..., I prefer the word dicktator though - darthvadern

13 Sister (Sissy)

If you say this you will also be saying goodbye to your epic games account - sadical

I say this to my sister when she's annoying lol. - XxembermasterxX

Love you sissy - Luckys

14 Association (Ass)
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