Words That Shouldn't Exist

The Top Ten

1 Squire

Only rich nerds use this one.

2 Weeping
3 Twerk
4 Soprano

Music teacher's theme word.

5 Velveteen

Really? Velveteen? This word said with a soft husky voice...hmm...makes me heat up... Velveteen... - Britgirl

6 Gorgonzola

Nobody even likes it anyways.

7 Facades
8 Exceedingly
9 Bovine
10 F***

No offense but we should use the word Fart. Is a completely normal thing to do. - AnonymousChick

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The Contenders

11 Quail Quail

Chef's favorite thing to throw away.

12 Homework
13 Retorted
14 Hate
15 The 'F' word for homosexuals
16 Sobbing
17 Utilize
18 Booty
19 Swag
20 Yolo
21 Rude
22 Elitist

No one is a Eltlist because everyone thinks their music taste is the best - christangrant

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