Top 10 Words that Sound Sexy but are Not


The Top Ten

1 Copula

What It Means: A verb that connects a sentence’s subject to its complement. - Emmanuel4295

2 Humppa

What It Means: The serious Finnish word for a type of national dance music. - Emmanuel4295

3 Coxsacky

What It Means: A small town in upstate New York. - Emmanuel4295

4 Tittle

What It Means: The dot over an “i” or “j.” - Emmanuel4295

5 Penetrance

What It Means: The percentage of people with a particular gene mutation who exhibit the disorder that gene creates. - Emmanuel4295

6 Musky

What It Means: Smells like the reddish-brown substance secreted by male deer when marking their territory. - Emmanuel4295

7 Succulometer

What It Means: A device used to measure moisture in processed vegetables. - Emmanuel4295

8 Vagitus

What It Means: The crying of a newborn baby - Emmanuel4295

9 Sexton

What It Means: Person who tends to a churchyard - Emmanuel4295

10 Angina

It's actually a fairly common symptom of heart disease.

What it means: A rare heart desease. - Emmanuel4295

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