Top Ten Words We Always Misspell On the First Try

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1 Definitely

I'm not looking forward to making the rest of this list because that took a good 3 tries (I swear I'm not normally this stupid around words).

Whenever I want to type this, I always put e's when it should be I's.

I "definitely" misspell this word a lot.

Great list. This word always gets me.

2 Work

In case you're confused, I am referring to the fact that whenever I am typing fast, work becomes wrok. Every single time

I tried to spell this one all the time, it just didn't wurc

Work is really easy to spell

How do you misspell this? Here ill type it really fast. Work work work workworkw orkw orkw row rkwor ewsodmsadpofvhi

3 Necessary

I always spell it with two c's

I always misspell this

Really, is that absolutely nessecary? (That’s how I used to spell it)

4 Exercise

Not like I say this word anyways...

I get confused whether its excercise or exercise.

Probably my dreaded word

To be honest, I sometimes misspell it as exercize.

5 Recommend

The one word that always gets me!

One of the hardest words to spell.

6 Wednesday

This is actually really easy

This is hard to spell, people always spell it "Wensday"

! The genius in my class spelled this wrong! And the teacher didn't correct him😂

7 Immediately
8 Government

People always forget the n!

9 Uncopyrightable

Is it just me or is there an actual word called uncopyrightable?

It's easy. Just remember the spelling of copyright.

10 Specific
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11 Turd
12 Restaurant

Oh that's a great one! I misspell this one all the time! It sounds nothing like how its spelled!

It should be spelled Restront.

13 Sincerely

The only word that I mess up on a daily basis.

14 Sassafras

I didn’t even know this existed

15 Arctic
16 Recognize

Okay, eventually I did get the hang of a lot of these.

17 February
18 Favorite
19 Acknowledge
20 Beginning
21 Cologne

Yes, I misspell this one often.

22 Actually
23 Misspell

I even had to edit one of my comments on this list because I spelt it as mispell.

24 Environment
25 Oxygen
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