Words Which Sound Amusing When Said Backwards


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41 Daniel (Leinad)

Leinad Nmad

42 Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (Aibohpoiladepiuqsesortsnomotopoppih)

Fear of long words is a pretty long word (36 letters) are they trying to scare people - Orlemley

I'd lose my grasp of sight at some point u know...

43 Motherf***** (Rekcufrehtom)

Hey Rekcufrehtom you're a Gnikcufrehtom badass! - AlphaQ

44 Yagami (Imagay)

LOL Light Yagami's name is so unfortunate - RebeccaDarking

So unfortunate - GriffinDoge

45 Squidward (Drawdiuqs)
46 Sydney (Yendys)
47 Stanley (Yelnats)

This was in the movie Holes where his name is stanley and his last name is backwards - FerrariDude64

I loved the book and movie


48 Love (Evol)

You mean like the future album?

49 Tons (Snot)

ha funny

50 Custard (Dratsuc)
51 God (Dog)
52 American (Nacirema)
53 Facebook (Koobecaf)

Ha! Love the sound of this word backwards. Koo-be-caf. Everyone, say this out loud; it's great! KOO-BE-CAF...KOO-BE-CAF. See how it just rolls off the tongue? This sounds better than boring old Facebook. Koobecaf. Ha! Love it! - Britgirl

54 Look (Kool)
55 Tunk (Knut)
56 Xylophone (Enohpolyx)

I am going to start a metal band and call it Enohpolyx. the fanbase will be called the xylophones


57 Histograms (Smargotsih)
58 Pirate (Etarip)
59 Santa (Atnas)

Gonna use as a username waitamoment...

60 Ransom (Mosnar)
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