Top Ten Words In the Words "Great Britain" That Sum It Up

These words that can be found in the words Great Britain perfectly describe the great little nation.
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1 Rainier

Naturally. It rains rain. A lot! More than your dry country :P

Yup. That'll just about do it.

A very good one

2 Brainier

Great Britain has some of the worlds brainiest people. Fact. argue with the facts.

Well, I live in the USA, and I find myself quite intelligent.

Stephen Hawking did go to Oxford and Cambridge!

Well, with all humility, for a start, I live here.

3 Retiring

I think. That Britain is friendly with all the countries but sometimes gets turned down and abused :( do you agree brut girl? I come from Britain as well

We do appear shy and retiring when you first meet us.

4 Irritant

Little Britain is full of irritating racist xenophobes, they hate everyone and don't like themselves even. Sadly the can't stand the fact the Welsh, Scots and Irish are not the same narrow minded biggots (the Welsh settled in Argentina in 1865 to get away from the English and Argentina is great at football unlike pathetic England). England is irritating like a rash.

I guess I was meant to vote this one haha :) But if Britgirl loves her country, they cannot be irritant! I love you, Tina!

We are to a lot of other countries - especially Argentina haha...

5 Aberrant

Think of the opposite of 'normal' that is Great Britain! But in a nice way, you understand :).

6 Great
7 Ingratiate

Great Britain does try to make friends with other countries and be quite a popular little nation, but like I said, we are also an irritant. Sorry for that.

8 Abetting

Usually with the United States.

9 Inertia

Well, Issac Newton came from Great Britain, and he discovered the Law of Inertia.

Sometimes it takes Great Britain a little to get moving. But when we do...

10 Bargain

I can't imagine this means that Brits are cheap. I have always found the opposite to be true. Very classy place. Of course, I'm Canadian so what would I know?

That's what Great Britain is to many tourists.

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