Top Ten Words In the Words 'Metal Music' That Sum It Up


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1 Music

The two comments besides mine are from non-metalheads. Guys, listen to some power metal. "No Bullets Fly" by Sabaton should be good. - Metalhead1997

I'm not sure this word fits most of what I've heard from this "genre" - Billyv

Some may argue whether metal can be called "music" but it has instruments I guess... - Britgirl

2 Clammiest

I remember seeing Iron Maiden live. Bruce said "who wants me 'at! " And he threw his hat into the audience. I have never seen so much sweat pour out of something quite like that before. - IronSabbathPriest

Sweat. Metal bands members sweat. A LOT! They are indeed the clammiest music genre out there. All that leather and rubber...phew! - Britgirl

3 Malice

A lot of metal songs ARE about Malice. It appears in the words, it's MY list, so I'll add it. - Britgirl

This isn't your list; it's owned by TheTopTens. You just created the idea.

This reminds me of the band A*** C***

4 Lame

Take a joke, people! - I80

Britgirl, you're gonna get hated for this item by 90% of users. I'm warning you. - RiverClanRocks

Bit out of character brit girl - EvilAngel

My prediction was correct. She did indeed get hated. - RiverClanRocks

5 Amuse

Don't tell me you don't find some metal band names amusing...Before you go, please feel free to look t my list of Funnies Metal Band Names. Do it... Do it now...! - Britgirl

Now DON'T tell me you've never guffawed at a metal band name before. Check out my list before you go - it's called Funniest Metal Band Names...Do it. Do it nowww...! - Britgirl

6 √ąclat

It is very successful. - RiverClanRocks

Now I'm going to be kind. This word means "Brilliant Success" or something like that. And while I'm not a massive fan (! ) I do have to admit that it is a VERY popular genre.
Why?! - Britgirl

Hey, metalheads who hate this list - I added this word for you! It's a nice, POSITIVE word! Stop stressing already! - Britgirl

7 Acute

It has an acute affect on my ears. I'll sue for GBH of the lugholes. - Britgirl

8 Metal
9 Cult

Definitely has some kind of bizarre hold of people who were once sane! - Britgirl

10 Salute

Salute to James Hetfield!

OK... You know you're dying to make the devil horn sign with your hands in the air. Why not stick your tongue out while you do it? - Britgirl

Why not? Because some non-metal musicians do it better - Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, Gene Simmons of Kiss, to name a few... - Metal_Treasure

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11 Cause

Can't remember why I added this. It's a word that appears in them. So... - Britgirl

Fight for the cause!

12 Stale

No music genre ever gets stale. Not even classical, jazz and metal.

Totally descibes it! Great list britgirl! Metal sucks and everyone needs to know that. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

People don't know opinions they agree with them. And nobody actually has to agree that metal sucks. - Skullkid755

13 Mile
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