Top Ten Words that Would Be Weird to Consider Offensive


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1 Nice

Indisputably an intolerably judgmental expression of desire to impose one's opinion upon another. This can only lead to the brutish imposition of will.
However, its use by females, gays and snowflakes is permissible.

2 Hi

Might even be double-reverse homophobic, possibly with underlying cultural appropriation.

Person 1: Hi!
Person 2: Oh my god! You said hi to me! Don't you know that is racist, sexist, and offensive?! You're seriously triggering me - StephanTheIdiot

3 Garfunkel

I can live with Garfunkel. It's Simon that's truly offensive.

4 Love
5 Cool

Ooh...The opposite of warm. Can get in all kinds of trouble here.

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6 Sun V 1 Comment
7 Eggs

Definitely patriarchal, misogynistic, and might even indicate a presumption of white privilege.

8 Illuminati
9 Grammar

A good many on this site find any mention of grammar offensive. Apparently, it's just too much work to learn to write and spell and speak correctly.

10 Elmo

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11 Beautiful
12 Wow
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