Top Ten Work Drugs Songs

Work Drugs is this sadly underrated synth pop/chill-wave duo from Philadelphia, PA. They make very good music for chilling out or something and I love the synths and the vocals. I don't know every song by them, but feel free to add songs that I'm missing. When and if you do that, state that it is a song by Work Drugs so I know it's not by someone else. And state your username or if you're a visitor, state that. Disclaimer: I listened to these songs very few times, but they're still my favorite by Work Drugs.

The Top Ten

1 Sweet Surrender

This song is the PERFECT chill-out song. I love it so much! It sounds like a good love song and maybe slow-dancing too. This is also the Work Drugs song I listened to the most. - PhoenixAura81

2 Third Wave

Awesome song. Great for chilling out AND for dancing. - PhoenixAura81

3 For the Year

Cool song. I only listened to it once as of 8/26/18. - PhoenixAura81

4 The Moment

I like the different vibe coming from this song. Instead of a soft, chill-out song they usually do, they do a fun rocking' song that's very fun to listen to. - PhoenixAura81

5 My Billie Jean

Really cool song. It really works off Michael Jackson's song REALLY well. The album Louisa is just awesome in general. - PhoenixAura81

6 The Edge of Forever

Awesome slow song. - PhoenixAura81

7 Rolling in the Deep

Even thought it's the same title of Adele's song (and apparently a Linkin Park song), it's really cool and very underrated, like every Work Drugs song I like. - PhoenixAura81

8 Delta

Really cool song and I like the piano, synths, and other instrumentation. - PhoenixAura81

9 Chase the Night

Great late-night driving song. Hence the name and the feel of the song. - PhoenixAura81

10 American Fool

Cool enough song with a catchy beat. - PhoenixAura81

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