Top Ten Workers We Don't Appreciate Enough


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1 Janitors/Custodians

You may not notice he/she's there, but trust me, you would if they weren't. - keycha1n

2 Farmers

We kinda need food to live. And since I live in America, we tend to consume a lot. Like, a lot. - keycha1n

3 Garbage Men/Women

Out of sight, out of mind? - keycha1n

4 Teachers

Sometimes a teacher never does anything when their students get bullied. Hopeless jerks!

Never ever appreciated or paid as well at they should. They are practically parenting the new generation so they become adults who will contribute to the world. They have loads of responsibility and deserve more in return (not applicable in Finland, you lucky ducks). - keycha1n

5 Scientists

Indeed they deserve more appreciation, for making the world what it is today. Every new theory has a potential to change how we think about the universe, and every new answer we make asks a new question. That's partly why I love the subject, but to cover this in a nutshell would require an essay. - PositronWildhawk

They are changing the world and humanity as we speak! They already receive a lot of credit, but still deserve more! In fact, they are the foundation of humans, we would've all been killed off by disease if someone didn't discover vaccines - keycha1n

6 Engineers

Everything we consider an important tool in life wouldn't be possible without engineers and innovators - keycha1n

7 Bus/Cab/Taxi Drivers

My bus driver is one of those people who really love their job, and that's very refreshing because this profession is filled with bitter people who've given up. I salute you guys - keycha1n

8 Lunch Ladies/Gentlemen

Maybe they just serve lunch to you, but their job is so overlooked, they may as well be invisible. - keycha1n

9 Mathematicians
10 Artists

I may be slightly biased, but I do believe that everything around us is art, and that art is something that makes us distinctly human. Without art we might not even know anything about ancient history, or be able to build homes or think deeper, or create practically anything. - keycha1n

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11 Car Mechanics
12 Barbers
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1. Janitors/Custodians
2. Garbage Men/Women
3. Farmers


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