Top 10 World of Warcraft Zones

Your favorite World of Warcraft zones. Can be based on quests, looks, feel.

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1 Howling Fjord

Howling Fjord is my favorite zone of all times in World of Warcraft.Its music,cold brezes,plains and mysteries.I'm dissapearing in this zone each time I come to it,and it's hard to return.

2 Gilneas

This story was great and more zones should be like this one.

I long for the day that we get to retake Gilneas

3 Stormwind City
4 Grizzly Hills

The music is amazing, the atmosphere was superb, the tall trees, the thick forest, the interesting quest, the worgen, even the funny outhouse quest. On every alt as soon as I can I go there and I don't leave until I far out strip everything. When wrath was going I would go there just to hang and the moment the music box came out I got that music

Looks amazing, music is amazing...

When I quested in Grizzly Hills, I was reminded of my questing in the Hinterlands or Elwyn. to get away from the cold frozen Northrend, and the quests were wonderful, there were the worgen quests, the giants, and the ruined iron dwarf city made the zone feel so alive.

5 Eversong Woods
6 Jade Forest

The jade forest was a great start to Mists of Panaria with it's lustrous green rain forest and wonderful architecture every time I go there I get a great feeling inside it's the one place I would live if it existed in real life.

7 Elwynn Forest
8 Dalaran
9 Shadowmoon Valley (WoD)

It pretty amazing. Can't wait for the patch to hit!

10 Western Plaguelands

Having played through vanilla-mists of pandaria I've just about always rolled my toon through the western plaguelands as it's got an interesting landscape with a dark, scarred feel to it. It's also had a very interesting series of quests before and after cata ranging from killing a bunch of scourge to helping a dead girl be layer to rest. It's also added challenge such as hard mobs that were intended to get people ready for raiding as it was originally a 55-60 zone, an example was this were the nightmare level? Skeleton group in vanilla - wrath that could kill you in about two or three hits unless you were geared

I agree. Western Plaguelands was always pretty dark.. The dark places are the best though.

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11 Zangarmarsh

Beautiful. Very lush, but yet very dangerous zone. Filled with all kind of mobs. The whole experience is great. Easy, fun quests, great music. Simply love this zone.

Unique area, the zone offers a lot and the questing isn't too tedious, gives a nice sense of adventure and is still good in 2013.

Unique and beautiful area, and a nice, calm atmosphere after Hellfire. I just love this zone.

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12 Stranglethorn Vale

Welcome to the jungle, but watch out when the hurricane starts raging! Ambience in STV (both north and south, these days) is truly incredible. Always make my way through here!

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13 Nagrand

I love the landscape!

14 Uldum

One of the best looking zones in the game. First half of the zone quests are great, yet the later half lacks a bit. No one can deny the beauty of this zone (Well maybe if you play on low WoW graphics. I feel bad for you if you do. )

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15 Netherstorm

It just is the best

16 Hellfire Peninsula
17 Thousand Needles

There was a little feel of satisfaction when you killed bloodthirsty harpies on the steep mountainside, and walking around down in the valley, watching towering mountains peak up everywhere.

The quests in this zone was probably some of the best back in classic, and yes, you were running, but at least they were packed up a bit. It might not have the most exotic of looks, but the feel of this zone was great, and the questflow amazing. I miss it :(

I remember when there were giant spikes everywhere around flat land. Much like Blade's Edge in Outland. And I think there were racing quests, with car.. Things.. You can still even find the finish lines under the flooding. :"( Brings back many because and Vanilla memories... ;D

Not the same at all since the flooding occurred. The Needles was an amazing experience to be had.

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18 The Barrens

When I think of WOW this is the zone I think of

19 Un'Goro Crater
20 Hillsbrad Foothills
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