Top 10 Best Things to See and Do While Visiting Corfu

Being a Mecca for those who love Greek Mythology, Corfu is as well one the world most beautiful and cozy combinations of different historical periods’ trails; famous personalities life stories; amazing natural views and religious atmosphere. It also attracts tourists with its rather affordable hotels, food spots, shops, and spa – all served with perfect and friendly smiles of locals.
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1 Moussaka and Wine

Even though all seafood dishes here are more than perfect, your Corfu gastro- experience will not be full without trying its traditional meat dish - moussaka.
Having an Ottoman Empire roots, however, this dish became one of the Corfu's zests. Nikolaos Tselementes, one of the Greek most famous chefs of the XX century, popularized the local version of the food.
Greek moussaka is a potato-based dish that has layers of minced meat and stewed eggplant, all softened with the bechamel sauce. Layers are to cook separately before you combine and bake it. Tselementes gave preference to lamb instead of any other meat and started adding tomato sauce, garlic and other spices to the mince.

Moussaka perfectly goes with homemade Greek wine: cheap, light tasting and in the same time rather strong.

2 Churches

Today it is very popular to associate inner peace and calmness with Buddhism, Hindu or some other Far East religious doctrine. However, any kind of faith is able to bring you tranquility, but only in case, you go to its roots, leaving behind all the time layering.
Greek Orthodox Christian churches, especially the island ones, may become a great surprise for those who visited pompous and excessively decorated with gold "brother-fans" in Russian-speaking countries. At the age of almost thousand years, Corfu churches are small, cozy and softly adorned. In contrary to their Russian colleagues, they have places to seat like the Catholic churches, women are not obligated to cover head or arms to enter it, candles and little prayer icons haven't become an object of business here, but left for your free usage, leaving you an opportunity to donate (or not) as much money as you wish.
The most famous Corfu churches are Church of Agious Spyridon (island's patron), the Monastery of Virgin Mary, the Vlacherna Monastery, and many others.

3 Guido Island

It takes you only 20 minutes by boat to get from the Old Town port to this small island but seems like here you move to a different world. Guido (Vidos, Vido or the island of Ptychia) has nothing to offer from the first view; and plenty of things you can catch if you look deeper.
Owned by Venetian count Guido Maliepierie, the Vidos during different epochs served as the fortress, the military base, the prison and the cemetery.
Despite its dark history and rather launched infrastructure, today Guido is a perfect place if you are seeking for privacy and reflection. Moreover, it is a designated nature reserve with wonderful flora and fauna. Nowadays injured animals, especially birds can find help and care here; while a tourist is able to enjoy that rare kind of birds freely walking around the island.

4 Romantic Patriotic Spirit or the Story of a Match

This story is at the same time tragic, patriotic, boyish and romantic. Kostas Georgakis, a person from Corfu who was studying in Genova, Italy. Kostas strongly opposed Italy's rule in Greece and advocated for own country's independence.
Once he gave an "anonymous" interview that showed his political views and preferences but in the end appeared to be not so anonymous. Being afraid that Italianate government of Corfu can persecute his family, and strongly insisting on own patriotic ideas, Georgakis committed an act of self-immolation, burning like a match for his views. His monument today is one of the most famous places in Corfu old town.

5 Kanoni

If you are obsessed with plane's take offs, Kanoni is a must see spot for you. Here you can enjoy a perfect shrimp meal in the local restaurant, having a view on a salt lake with a stunning monastery island on it, accompanying with glance beautiful small planes gathering speed above it.
The place was ones the capital of the whole island, and its name Kanoni (Canon) has very religious roots, which gives to a local monastery, a church of Pantocrator a great importance. The only way to get to the church is to take a small boat. Charismatic boatman might have a small mermaid amulet, seeing which makes your trip to a monotheistic church even more charming.
After the lunch and the pilgrimage, you can enjoy yourself and the beautiful lake shore or have a pint of beer in a tavern, chatting to friendly locals.

6 Nausicaa Cave

The crystal-blue water of Nausicaa caves is amazingly beautiful and holds in its deepness both legends and real tragic and romantic stories. Nausicaa is a Homer character, a girl who wanted to be an Odyssey's wife but never became one. If you drop some water on caves' wall you can see her image on it.
They say Nausicaa can lead sailors to the same to a mermaid or the Lorelei. True or not, but tourists are often told the stories of the fish men who left their lives here.

7 19th-Century Atmosphere of the Old Town

The 19th-century atmosphere of the Corfu Old Town has not been ruined by modern constructions as it usually is in big European cities. Island's narrow streets, awesome hotels, amazingly flowered windows - all makes you feel you moved 150 years back.
The Old Town Corfu, being a UNESCO heritage is a perfect mix of British, Italian and of course, Greek architecture.
Unfortunately, the history of the Old Town was not always bright. In 1943, it has been damaged by the bombing. In the recent half century, the place has been recovered and popularized as an important tourist spot.
In the endless amount of shops, you are able to buy anything: starting from Greek cosmetic, spices, alcohol and souvenirs and ending up with fashionable brand closes.

8 Canal D’amour

The natural formation of Canal D'amour is not only a perfectly romantic and beach resting spot, but might be a great inspirational place for those architects who follow the ideas of Antonio Gaudi and believe that the only perfect forms and lines can be copied from natural objects.
Located in the village of Sidari, Canal d'amour lies 36 kilometers to the North-West from the main town. The nearest beach provides peaceful rest with restaurants, water sports, and activities for kids etc.
The legend says those who are not scared to swim through the channel are able to meet their love in the nearest future. The descent to the water here is more than slippery, so the love seekers, who want to have a try must be brave.

9 Hera's Temple

This tourist attraction in mentioned in some guidebooks and blogs, but is barely known by locals. However, ruins of Hera's temple in Corfu are one of the most important archeological memos in the world. It is located in Mon Repo area, not far from the Mon Repo beach.
Ordinary tourists are not allowed to enter Zeus's wife's sacral place, only can watch it from the side.
The temple is dated to 610 because, and it's not only historically important place, but also a great example of ancient architectural achievements.

10 Sissi’s Inspiration

An Austrian most famous Empress Elisabeth known as Sissy adored Corfu Island. This was probably the only place in the world where she could heal her physical and mental diseases.
Known as the softhearted Empress, she tried to care about the rights and living conditions of oppressed folks of her endless empire, and Corfu people were one of her favorites, who she supported by charity programs and whose interests she lobbied talking to her majestic husband.
Moreover, Sissy had an unrequited love. To a man, who lived many centuries before her. Achilles was her ideal man, who she dedicated a whole palace too.
Today Achilleon is one of the most gorgeous of all Corfu spots. The statue of the hero impresses and an audio tour of the palace tells you the whole story of Elisabeth fabulous and tragic life.

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