World's Deadliest Sharks


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21 Sevengill Cow Shark
22 Spiny Dogfish

WOW that's the only shark that's never killed anybody on this list! Do some research before you make your lists please

23 Reef Shark
24 Leopard Shark

Its small but its teeth can knock you out


25 Ganges Shark V 1 Comment
26 Cretoxyrhina
27 Dunkleosteus V 1 Comment
28 Stethacanthus

Copy and paste it on google. It has spikes on it's back. - micahisthebest

29 Salmon Shark
30 Nurse Shark

Coolest shark in the world!

Almost like a snake

We are talking about deadliest not the coolest

31 Copper Shark
32 Wobbegong

This should be #3

V 1 Comment
33 Spinner Shark
34 Sleeper Shark
35 Cookie Cutter Shark

It is not capable of killing a whale they are one of the smallest sharks there is.megalodon is the only shark that can kill a whale in one bite get your facts right

Cookie cutter shark should be the top 10 because they will kill u

What is a cookie cutter shark?

They are a small breed of shark that takes chunks out of their prey, similar to a cookie cutter, which is where it gets its name.


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36 Frilled Shark

They look more like a cross between a snake and a fish. They don't even look like a shark, but to think they are... Strange, indeed.

37 Crested Horn Shark
38 Prickly Shark

The rarest shark is the prickly shark

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