Best Worlds In Super Mario World


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1 Special Zone

I think this is the best university.

Lol this is not a college in real life. It is a world in a Mario game

What does CU have to do with Mario? - gelatinbeastworm

Cu is the best

Shatol train is exceptional and quality of teaching is outstandig. I love my CU very much

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2 Chocolate Island
3 Star World

Best world in Super Mario World ever! Oh my god, the good old days...

4 Forest of Illusion
5 Valley of Bowser

This world is so classic! Too bad Princess PEach had to ruin it just by getting kidnapped, though.

6 Donut Plains
7 Yoshi's Island

Yoshi cute and yoshi rocks

I love Yoshis so... How Can I hate YOSHI ISLAND! - itz_izzy


8 Vanilla Dome

Vanilla Dome is perfect!

The original Vanilla Dome gets an 8.4.

Vanilla Dome on the GBA gets a 6.5.

9 Twin Bridges
10 World 10: Mario Bros. (GBA version)
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