Best Worlds in Yoshi's Woolly World

Yoshi's Crafted World is getting released worldwide on March 28th of 2019, which is a new yoshi platformer game released on the Nintendo Switch and will resemble Yoshi's Woolly World on the Nintendo Wii U a bit as both games had the same developers. This is why I'm going to do some Yoshi's Woolly World related lists until then, however I'll not spam out lists like I used to do back in January 2019 where I only posted lists about a certain thing, I'll still be varied in lists now, it's just sometime I'll do yoshi's woolly world lists and stuff. This time I'll look at the best worlds in this game, so with that being said, here's the list.

The Top Ten

1 World 4

You might have noticed a pattern in most mario and nintendo games that overall, the forest, or jungle worlds are usually at the top spot of the lists, or at least close to the top. That was the case with all of the New Super Mario Bros. games, where the forest worlds where in the top three always. And no surprise, but that goes for Yoshi's Woolly World as well. It's a jungle world, mixed with a bit of water elements as well, so it's technically both a jungle and water world, although more of the jungle type. I love it when these two are combined, which is one of the reasons this world is at the top. One of the most important aspects of a world are of course the levels and this world does not disappoint. All the standard levels are pretty fun and original but this is one of the few times where the fortress and castle levels are actually amazing. It's partly because of the puzzles, but because of the settings. The fort one has a lot of water and it's actually fun and the castle level is ...more

2 World 5

It's a snow world. Snow worlds are in my opinion quite good ones for the most part. This is one of the best snow worlds, partly due to how colourful it is but the levels and boss of the world are all amazing here in my opinion. The scenarios in these levels all look amazing and gorgeous and use either a purple, or a blue sky for the most part and it looks great. All of the levels here were pretty awesome as well. The carpet level, that snowball one, that one set in a house, the curtain level, and Snifberg the Unfeeling's Castle were some of the best and it's only a few. Secondly, the boss battle. Snifberg the Unfeeling. I still think Naval Piranha is better, but, you can't deny how badass he is. The music is some true heavy metal and sounds badass for such an otherwise cute game and the athmosphere is awesome. It's after all the last world boss battle before the final world. It's really awesome.

3 World 6

World 6, which is the last world of the game, has a mountain/volcano setting, and as the game procceds it gains more of a high sky, considering when you climb a volcano you get higher in the air, obviously with ashy clouds and stuff, and I really appreciate this world, not going to lie. It's a very unique take of a final world in game as volcano and mountains worlds are usually not last worlds in game, although they often are the sixth worlds in a game. Anyway, the levels are some of the most unique in this game, because you not only have cave levels, but there's levels where you climb the volcano, there's a very unique ghost house, a level with sticky conveyors, a high sky level, a sky fortress, and let's not forget the awesome final level, which is excellent. I mean the first phase of Baby Bowser's boss is a bit of a rehash on Yoshi's Island considering setting but it gets better, the giant baby bowser boss at the absolute end of the game is downright epic and original in my ...more

4 World 2

Our desert world in this game is actually great. Normally desert worlds are rather forgettable but this one's different and unique. The first half is desert, but the second half brings some lava elemets and courses as well, I mean, the boss of this world, is themed after fire and lava, and is red after all, which is Bunson the Hot Dog. He's easly the cutest boss of the game and is one you don't want to defeat. The levels themselves are awesome. You have the pyramid maze-like level, Knot-Wing Koopa's fort, the chain chomp one, and so on. I mean still, World 4 had better theme and some more memorable levels, but this one has more good levels and is one of the most memorable worlds in the game. However since deserts aren't my type this world will stay at number #2. Yeah, and in the even numbered worlds (2, 4, 6), the mid-boss is Knot-Wing the Koopa, the better of the two mid-bosses so that's a plus as well. The biggest flaw has got to be the special level, which is just irritating at ...more

5 World 1

This is good stuff we're talking. I mean yeah you could say this world is a bit basic as it's a grassland world, however it's a lot more unique than say in the New Super Mario Bros. games. There's not only grass levels. The grass levels are quite great and charming but there's even a forest level, a beach level, a sky level, and so on. It's a lot more unique than other grass worlds in other games. The bosses are basic and from other games, such as the mid-boss being a giant monty mole with the name "Big Montgomery", which is the mid-boss of the oddly numbered worlds (1, 3, 5) and happens to be my least favourite boss in the game, and the boss of the world is Burt the Bashful, you know that ball from Yoshi's Island. He's basic but he's surely memorable in my opinion. Yeah and the special level in this world is the least irritating one as well.

6 Craft Island

It's the hub world. It has the tent where you switch between yoshies, the boss tent, gallery tent, amiibo tent and is the place where you are when you travel between worlds. Technically this maybe shouldn't be on the list, however, it does contain a total of one level, and it's one of the best levels in the game as well. Wonderful World of Wool, which basically is an epilogue / outro level testing all your skills you've learned (excluding yoshi transformations) and is a mix of about six levels, all resembling the worlds in the game and it's very memorable and fun. Yeah, and this world isn't even last. Well we'll see what world that was so bad that it got ranked under the ' hub world.

7 World 3

Basically, in a nutshell, in 3D nintendo games, the third world is usually the best. In 2D platformers, nah, it's one of the worst (excluding New Super Mario Bros. 2). This goes for Yoshi's Woolly World as well. It's generally uninteresting and is a sky world, and you might already know that sky worlds are among the worst worlds in a game most often, which is the case for this game as well. There's some candy and toy elements thrown in the world as well which is alright, but this world has a lot of pink and white and these colours togheter are not my type to the point this is my least favourite world in the game. I mean Miss Cluck is a pretty awesome boss but that's all it has going for it. This world is forgettable and not that good, and you know it's so when ' the hub world is higher than a real world.

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