Worst 2015 Songs Made by Canadians


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1 Stitches - Shawn Mendes

Hey there Canada's Taylor Swift. He really got inspired by Swift. This is when he started to be a Swift by altering his voice and write songs about love and exes and all that stuff. If you are wondering why his lips are so red, he wears special makeup. This is like a variation of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood and Everything has Changed

God what is wrong with the people of this world?
Stitches was/is in the top tens in the charts.
I cannot believe it

Shawn Mendes doesn't deserve to be anywhere in this list, let alone first. He's music is unique, I see hardly any resemblance to Taylor Swift in his music, and it's just the cherry on top that he's hot. I don't see why he is in this list AT. ALL.

This song is amazing. He is amazing. The lyrics are amazing. Take the song out of the list, please.

This is why most of his fans like Swift's 1989

2 Clothes Off - Ria Mae

I don't really want to listen to a song with "Take your clothes off" in it, thank you very much... - TheAlbinoWolf

Hate this song


Should be #1

3 Rule the World - Walk Off the Earth

Seriously? I LOVE Walk off the Earth!
They released a new song called Hold On. It's really good so don't say bad stuff about Walk Off The Earth.

4 Hello - Hedley

They used to be tolerable back in 2011. Now all they make is pop garbage! - SelfDestruct

5 What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber

How is Bieber still relevant? He shouldn't be! I thought his career died when was arrested for DUI and all that crap last year. But now here in 2015, he's back. And he's bigger than he ever was back in 2010, appearing out of the blue and making another rise to fame with his stupid whiny squeaky voice to produce one of the worst sounds ever made by a living being. Bieber, would you please just do us all a favour, retire to another planet and stay there permenantly. Because by doing that, we won't have to deal with the bullcrap that flows out of that mouth of yours.

Why isn't this number 1 on this list? - BubbleBear01

The video doesn't even relate to the video. stop being such a jerk, Justin!

He improved a lot since his last album. This song topped the charts. Come on people!

6 A Little Too Much - Shawn Mendes

Swift alarm! Hear his high notes and this sounds like Everything has Changed

He hits the high notes like a boss in this song. I've seen many reviews saying that it sounds like Everything had changed. I'm a part time Swiftie, and I have no idea where or how these songs sound similar.

This is country music.

I thought this was by Taylor Swift.

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7 Sound of Your Heart - Shawn Hook
8 House of Cards - Tyler Shaw
9 #SundayFunday - MAGIC!

And we all wished those psychopaths would just go away after that unforgettably awful song Rude! - SelfDestruct

10 Here - Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara is so underrated. She has great flow, and if you don't like this one listen to her other ones, especially Scars To Your Beautiful. :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

This is a great song, it's this list that is bad.

I actually like this song. - Swellow

I love this song so much its not real

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11 Hotline Bling - Drake

Not a good song at all. I used to love Drake's songs; however this song is a piece of crap. Drake, what were you thinking?

What is he doing here? Is he singing or making awful raspy sounds? And yes I mean this song sucks! - SelfDestruct

They play this on the radio 1,000,000 times a day... - TheAlbinoWolf

I love this song! this song is MY JAM.

12 Sorry - Justin Bieber
13 Lost In Translation - Hedley
14 Jackpot - Jocelyn Alice

How can someone make a song this bland? - Swellow

15 Hold On - Walk Off the Earth
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1. Sorry - Justin Bieber
2. Stitches - Shawn Mendes
3. What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber
1. Stitches - Shawn Mendes
2. Clothes Off - Ria Mae
3. Rule the World - Walk Off the Earth


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