Worst #26 Overall NFL Draft Picks

The Top Ten

1 Ted Gregory

Mr. Ted was the 26th selection for the Broncos in the 88' Draft. Dan Reeves would then realize he was too short for a interior lineman and made a grave mistake. It is arguably the teams biggest bust based on a size perspective this came out as the worst outcome not knowing what you were gonna get out of it, and on Deadspin he was ranked 8th on a top 100 worst NFL Players of all time list as he played for the Saints and blew his knee out. - htoutlaws2012

2 Paxton Lynch

''Even with all of the possibilities, Paxton Lynch failed in one very important area – football intelligence. That is not a knock on him, just his inability to play at this level. He was light-years behind what an NFL-caliber QB should be at in order to be successful because of where he came from, a small school not known for its QBs.'' This proves that the end of having tall 6'7 or above is a dying dread to go with since the failure of Paxton Lynch being the most recent entry. character issue + Ryan Mallett size equals a failed John Elway drafted pick. - htoutlaws2012

3 Breshad Perriman

The newest biggest bust in Raven history, Breshad Perriman did not live up to his father's somewhat decent success in the 90's. To even add more negative flames he was ranked dead last as a starting receiver in the beginning of the 2018 regular season before getting cut and somehow landing a spot in Cleveland, and in Tampa Bay right now. - htoutlaws2012

He's actually my best receiver in madden 19 - RawIsgore

Terrible in real life though, that's like saying Charles Rogers was good in my NFL Street game. - htoutlaws2012

4 Jim Druckenmiller

With a name like that it says a lot to the risk you take, and once again the 49ers had another unfortunate sole pick at the 26 position with a quarterback in this case. I kid you not he only played one game for 1 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions as a backup to Steve Young Jim was indeed a drunken quarterback that lived up to his last name in the wrongest of ways even finding legal trouble off the field in 1999. - htoutlaws2012

5 Erik Flowers

He basically killed Eli Manning - RawIsgore

If your looking for that flowers please go to the Worst Draft picks at the #9 position. - htoutlaws2012

''When the Bills used a first-round pick on Arizona State's fantastic pass rusher, they were thinking Bruce Smith 2.0. With five career sacks, they got Byron Smith 2.0.'' Talk about a massive flop that had a capable chance by presence underutilized. - htoutlaws2012

6 Jon Baldwin

Well like another guy higher up the list only difference is who remembers Jonathan Baldwin? Another failed use for a weapon to have for Alex Smith right when they ship sailed him to Kansas City, and funny enough he followed him there to do not even a bare minimum. In 2014 he failed a physical and he was gone like a dust from a phoenix swallowed his career up good. - htoutlaws2012

7 Jamar Fletcher

Flecther went to the Dolphins in the 01' draft coming off as the 4th corner taken in that draft. With only two brief seasons with Miami he managed to have two interceptions, and 55 tackles. - htoutlaws2012

8 Marcus Smith II

'' With just 6½ sacks in 51 career games over four seasons, Smith is among the biggest first-round busts in recent NFL history. Smith had missed practice the last two days with what coach Pete Carroll said was a personal issue.

In three years with the Eagles, the 26th pick in the 2014 draft recorded four sacks.

Some 174 players have recorded more sacks than Smith since opening day of 2014.

Smith is part of a remarkable trio of first-round defensive end busts the Eagles have drafted in the last couple decades.'' Character issue, along with a long list of interior lineman busts. - htoutlaws2012

9 Chris Perry

Not to be confused with Chris Henry, Chris Perry was a tail back taken in the 04' draft by the Bengals to provide pressure off of Carson Palmer. That didn't work out too well as the franchise was in a dark, and bad period at this time. - htoutlaws2012

10 Datone Jones

Back to the atrocious 2013 1st round draft, and Datone Jones was another bust and gloom pick that didn't fit Green Bay one bit in Caper's defense. - htoutlaws2012

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