Worst #27 Overall NFL Draft Picks

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Rae Carruth

''In his rookie season, Carruth did manage to start in 14 games and even earned himself a spot on the 1997 NFL All-Rookie Team after catching 44 passes for 545 yards and four touchdowns. The list of rookie wide receivers that year was pretty thin, to begin with, but it was still something to use moving forward.

Unfortunately for him, his 1998 season was a bust when he broke his foot in the season opener. He returned in 1999, but that was when his life changed for the worse due to a well-documented case that has kept him as far away as possible from ever playing in the NFL again.'' Rae was released from prison in October of 2018. - htoutlaws2012

Jarrod Bunch

''The No. 5 selection in our list of worst Giants' No. 1 draft picks sincer 1960 is Jarrod Bunch, a fullback selected with the final pick of the first round in 1991, 27th overall.

Bunch amassed a total of 785 career yards in three NFL seasons. The Giants thought Bunch would step in for Maurice Carthon, but that never happened. Instead, he was a useless spare part.

Players The Giants Could Have Had

Roman Phifer (31, LB, Rams)... Had 14-year NFL career
Brett Favre (33, QB, Rams)... Umm, you know this guy?
Ricky Watters (45, RB, San Francisco)... Five-time Pro Bowler in 10-year career.'' - htoutlaws2012

John Michels

''He was a surprise and a reach when he was selected in 1996. The Packers had a desperate need at left tackle, where veteran LT Ken Ruettgers was at the end of the line due to age and injuries. It wasn't a surprise that the Packers drafted a left tackle, but Michels was an unlikely pick.

While he was listed at 6-7 and 300 lbs. he never looked that big. He was constantly overwhelmed by bull rushes. He was named the starter in 1996 and 1997, but he lost the job both times and a torn ACL ended his 1998 season before it began.'' - htoutlaws2012

Mike Rumph

''The 49ers selected Mike Rumph with the 27th overall pick of the 2002 NFL Draft. A look back at that 49ers draft class reveals a fairly hideous group of players. The 49ers did score Eric Heitmann in the seventh round of that draft, but otherwise this is definitely in contention for worst 49ers draft class ever. Rumph had plenty of upside but it became quite clear quite quickly that the 49ers were going to get more of the worst case scenario than the best-case scenario. He really couldn't cover (an occasionally useful skill for cornerbacks) and he didn't bring much in the way of speed. He peaked in his second season, starting 13 games and grabbing three interceptions and two sacks. However, he started a total of five games in 2004 and 2005 and was eventually traded to the Washington Redskins for fellow under-achieving draft pick Taylor Jacobs.'' - htoutlaws2012

Victor Riley

''98' season really got started with the drafting of OT Victor Riley by the Chiefs with the 27th overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft. Riley's issues and less than expected production would be symbolic of the Chiefs' problems in the coming years.

Victory Riley didn't start off as a draft bust. He was an average player whose expectations as a first round pick were probably too high. Riley would play in 47 games for the Chiefs before being shipped off to the New Orleans Saints. Not exactly the career you want out of a first round right tackle.

The Chiefs were able to get more production out of Victor Riley over guys like Junior Siavii and Sylvester Morris. But Riley tops this list for being a first round right tackle bust and for ramming his car into another vehicle that was occupied by his wife and infant daughter. The incident happened on May 23, 2001.'' - htoutlaws2012

Anthony Becht

Jets are once again no strangers to taking Tight Ends, and this was the last of those really god awful first round Tight Ends. Becht was taken in the 2000 draft, and right from the get go like Johnny, and Kyle just another guy that it just didn't work with the right offensive scheme. Racking up 1,164 yards and 17 touchdowns. He went on to backups roles where he used very little of, and had a return stint with the AAF as the San Diego Fleet's Tight End coach before going defunct abruptly in early April. - htoutlaws2012

Todd Kelly

''49ers selected Todd Kelly with the 27th overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft, one pick after selecting Dana Stubblefield. Kelly had played defensive end in college but was converting to outside linebacker at the NFL level. As smileyman pointed out last year, this was one example of a college defensive end struggling in the transition to outside linebacker. He was brought in to be a pass rush specialist in the mold of Charles Haley and finished his two 49ers seasons with 4.5 total sacks.'' - htoutlaws2012

Ricky Nattiel

Like other busts from the late 80's to early 90's portion for Denver Nattiel was around the list of guys who weren't exactly a impact star right away type picks. Especially with 1,972 yards, and 8 touchdowns. - htoutlaws2012

Glen Collins

''1st round pick in 1982 had only 9 sacks in four Bengals seasons and 11 overall.'' Basically a thrown away interior lineman that was used hardly in Cincinnati defensive scheme. - htoutlaws2012

Donald Brown

Now granted he was decent for Indy, but still for a first rounder should of been MUCH much more provided that of your first three picks are what you build your team around. Not a good dual threat player who had many chances catching the football from Peyton Maninng. - htoutlaws2012

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