Worst 6ix9ine Songs

One of the most hated rappers of early 2018, I hate him as well.
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1 Gummo Gummo Cover Art

This is quite possibly the worst song of the entire decade

I'd rather listen to this, then most of today's songs

Amazing compared to other rap songs.

Worst song in the history of music!


The art on the album was stolen. It was a picture of flame princess but the cover artist changed it so it'll be 6ix9ine. The artist who made the original art is cryptidw00rm. Who kinda deserved his art getting stolen because he has a Patreon. The lesson today is: Never make a patreon account or else a terrible rapper will steal your art.
Score 6ix9ine: 1 Patreon: 0.

Worst rap song title ever. And that album cover is ruining Adventure Time. I don't want rapists involved in that awesome show.

This is just like every 6ix9ine "song", filled with obnoxious screaming and bad words. I rate this atrocity -69/10. Seriously.

This guy is a stupid idiot. I'm refraining myself from talking like him, I don't know what the hell is wrong with him


To be completely honest with you, I consider all of 6IX9INE's music to be the worst of the worst. There is no such thing as a good song by him and I hate all of his music. This song, like all of his other songs are disgusting and are about dirty sex. The irritating screaming, the disgusting lyrics, the horrid production, I hate every single thing about his guy both as a person and his music with a burning passion.

This gives me a Trumpet Lights vibe so its easily one of the worst songs of all time.

6ix9ine makes Chris Brown look like a person who respects women.

Trumpet Lights 2.0
Except it's even worse than that abomination because Chris Brown's heavy autotuning is better than a Skittle screaming.

4 Bebe Bebe Cover Art

What even is this "song"? It just sounds like somebody was bored and just talked a bunch of nonsense

I know my friends at school love the music video because the girl but what's wrong with them?

The worst song he has ever made. It is latin trash.

Proof that this song is only in Spanish.

5 FEFE FEFE Cover Art

I honestly think this should be pushed up a little bit.

Overrated too, doesn't make it any better.

This one easily

6 Sese

The autotune being used is so bad that it made him sound like Dracula from Hotel Transylvania.

This is offensive to Donald Trump because they made fun of him.

Submarine Man, Footye North and Lama Doodle are in it, enough said!



Just screaming

8 KEKE KEKE Cover Art
9 BUBA BUBA Cover Art


10 MOOKY MOOKY Cover Art

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? Giné Giné Cover Art
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11 Tati

Tati is cool for me

12 Yaya Yaya Cover Art
13 Tutu Tutu Cover Art
14 GOTTI GOTTI Cover Art

The autotuned mess that's the best song off that mixtape.

And the mixtape is horrible.

15 RONDO RONDO Cover Art
16 Gata Gata Cover Art
17 Poles 1469 Poles 1469 Cover Art
18 Scumlife

Notice me, Senpai.

19 Blood Walk
20 Stoopid Stoopid Cover Art

I wouldn't say that this is one of his all time worst songs, but it sucks and is overrated. 3/10.

21 Wait Wait Cover Art
22 Nini Nini Cover Art
23 Summo

Is this even a song?

24 LANES LANES Cover Art

Why is cover art like this doing in the era of #Metoo? 6ix9ine is a potential danger to people.

25 Mala Mala Cover Art
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