Worst '80s Songs

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21 Japanese Boy - Aneka
22 Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

I love this song! Why is it even on here? - RiverClanRocks

What the hell is Metallica and Guns N Roses, as well as a bunch of other artists, doing here? Whoever made this list is either a Belieber or a Directioner for the most part.

This one takes the cake, followed by "Total eclipse of the heart".

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23 Harden My Heart - Quarterflash

My exception of liking girls on saxophone :-( - Interrogator

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24 I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses

Sung with no emotion. It's a laughable song.

True. "oh listen to us, we're SO naughty..."

25 In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
26 Thriller - Michael Jackson

One of the most overrated songs of all time. Michael Jackson is one of my favorite musical artists ever. This is my least favorite song from him.

Over produced video, incessant radio play and a question mark to a lot of his fans

Yeah very overrated

It sucks... Why it so overrated?

27 Roam - The B-52's
28 Missing You - John Waite
29 I Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder

Hate this song. Hated it when it was new and hate it even more now. "I just called to say.. I'm Gaay".

30 Ride On Time - Black Box
31 Bad - Michael Jackson

Why is this here? This song is great.

By the way you qaz9999 he is amazing and most influential artist of all time. Bad is a funk song. You may not like it. But that doesn't means he sucks, He rocks

Just to clarify:
The most influential artist of all time?
THE Beatles
The biggest-selling artist of all time?
THE Beatles
Most #1's of all time?
THE Beatles
Most successful musicians of all time?
THE Beatles
Thanks for your time.

This is real bad...

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32 Luka - Suzanne Vega
33 Let's Dance - David Bowie

Whoever adds one of David Bowie's songs to this list is an absolutely ironic hipster!

He went really downhill in the 80s. - gemcloben

34 Liberian Girl - Michael Jackson
35 Always on My Mind - Pet Shop Boys

I love the Pet Shop Boys. I think they always have, and always will produce great music.

You gonna diss the British synth-pop masters?

36 Never Surrender - Corey Hart

This song should be way higher. This is one of the many bad songs the 80s had. - TheMusicNerd

37 Kids In America - Kim Wilde V 1 Comment
38 Purple Rain - Prince
39 These Dreams - Heart

This is where they started to suck.

40 Sussudio - Phil Collins

I forgot about this! It just blended in with all the other nonsense.

Completely nonsensical and retarded.

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