Worst '90s Songs

Grunge destroyed rock music as we know it, but it wasn't the only horrible thing in '90s music. Here's something to make you glad the '90s ended.

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1 Give It Away - Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song is amazing! Screw the people who said it was bad

To quote Nick Cave, "I'm forever near a radio saying, What the f--- is this garbage and the always is Red Hot Chili Peppers". Why these sock wearing nudists hit big time is sort of baffling. It certainly wasn't their craft of songwriting with annoying and lightweight white man funk. They had many crimes against humanity, but this one takes the cake with a video that's also annoying as hell. - tommydeath

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2 Easy - Faith No More

The only reason why I'm voting for this is that Give It Away is a legendary song and shouldn't even be on the list.

Something's telling me this song is meant to be funny and a joke, but this song isn't even bad. - Mumbizz01

Faith No More. Tsk tsk. And now, I've voted. Screw you guys, I'm out.

Don't get me wrong. I love Faith No More, they were one of the most original rock bands of the late eighties and nineties. And they deserve extra credit for pissing off RHCP's Flea, who criticized Mike Patton of ripping off Anthony Kiedis' act. Well Patton has more talent in his index finger than Kiedis in his whole body. FNM rarely put a foot wrong but when they did it was painful as this lame cover of a (lame) '70s Commodores' hit proves. - tommydeath

3 '74-'75 - The Connells

These one hit wonders hit big time with this wimpy middle-of-the-road yearbook based hit. Catchy at first but after a few listens you just couldn't help hating it. - tommydeath

4 I'll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy and Faith Evans

Puff Daddy's Police-butchering tribute to his murdered, fat buddy stands as the nadir of 90's rap. And that says a lot because that genre produced almost as much crap during the decade as American alternative rock. Puff Daddy is one of the most laziest, one-dimensional rappers of all time and even today it still blows my mind how everything he touched turned to gold for a short period in the late nineties. - tommydeath

Heck no. This song is amazing you KKK members

Faith Evans can sing, Puff Daddy can't rap to save his life.

5 Two Princes - Spin Doctors

Another annoying American rock band that emerged in the wake of Alternative Explosion. They were sort of seen as 90's hippies, almost like a new generation Grateful Dead. They were inescapable for a while, mainly because of this annoying hit, but thankfully they quickly disappeared up their own arse as their next album bombed. - tommydeath

6 Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something

The flood of average, "alternative" American rock bands was endless in the mid-90's. DBS was another craptastic band who got a lucky break with this wimpy, bordering on adult contemporary abortion of a song. - tommydeath

7 Discotheque - U2

It was U2's first approach with electronica, to be more dancefloor-friendly, at a time when people said that rock was dead with the emergence of techno and house music. I still think it wasn't a bad song, it's fun and I have even danced a few times to it (or its remixes). Frankly, there are much worser songs than this one. - Lotuscandy

After Achtung Baby Bono developed a full-blown Messiah complex and as a result U2 more or less lost the plot. I guess they were trying to be ironic here with the video inspired by Village People. But you can't really get a break from being crap, even though it's supposed to be ironic. - tommydeath

It wasn't the first song I heard from U2. Because if it were, it would be the unique one and I wouldn't understand why the hell so many people enjoy U2.

8 You Learn - Alanis Morissette

Oh dear, I actually didn't mind this lady at first. But as her fame grew she was labelled as edgy and alternative. There was nothing edgy with this easy listening AOR ballad which could've been an eighties hit for Richard Marx, Starship or any other AOR artist from that period with a different production. - tommydeath

9 Barbie Girl - Aqua

This song was why the year 1997 was the worst year for music in the 90s. Lyrics, vocals were bad in this song. Everyone was a disaster in this song and is one of the most annoying songs of all time.

Although this is a satire, I really like the instrumental, but the vocals and lyrics really annoy me. - Swellow

The band is awesome and has some great songs, but their most famous one is an abomination.

An atrocious pile of steaming junk.

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10 Wonderwall - Oasis

Gotta admit, these british twats had actually quite a few decent rockers on their first two albums before blowing up in a cocaine haze with Be Here Now. This ballad was a monster in late 1995 and really I couldn't figure out why. Void of melody, lacking a great chorus and uninspired vocal delivery by Liam Gallagher. - tommydeath

Why is this here?

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? I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

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11 MMMBop - Hanson

Yes the man who was Asian took his life all he wanted to relax that's what it sounds like

12 Ice, Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
13 The Memory Remains - Metallica

Hated the black album, liked half of Load but this was just bad with capital letters. To Marianne Faithfull's credit must be said that she didn't make this lazy, rambling half-assed jam any worse. - tommydeath

14 Faith - Limp Bizkit

Hearing this made me wonder whether Limp Bizkit took their own music seriously or not. I sure don't... I mean, have you heard this remake? It is very laughable trying to see a band turn George Michael into angsty scream-rock!

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15 Macarena - Los del Rio

Utter inescapable trash back in '96. Even the '92 original is better.

16 Changes - 2Pac

Take this off the list. This was one of the greatest rap songs ever made.

17 Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex
18 Everything I Do (I Do It for You) - Bryan Adams

Horrendous! Where did the Summer of '69 days go?! Even Entertainment Weekly hated it, judging from this year end write up of Waking Up the Neighbors

This album is selling beyond its worth, mostly because of Everything I Do I Do It for You, a horrifying triumph of aerosol emotion, so marginal as to defy human connection.
Bill Wyman

19 Man In the Box - Alice In Chains

Hoo eer pit tes on lis should dyi,9

20 Rico Suave - Gerardo
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