Worst AC/DC Songs

AC/DC Is A Great Band But These Songs Are Stinkers Compared To The Classics

The Top Ten

1 The Honey Roll

Except for hot guitar licks, pretty much all of them. Also, some of the worst vocals imaginable, outside of metal.

2 Love Song

This song in my opinion is their only weak one because its way different from all of AC/DC's other songs the guitar riff is weird and Bon Scott doesn't sing very good in this song it's sort off a Ballad which its not a good one which is probably the reason AC/DC Don't do Ballads because they can't do them very well and this song was never released in the USA until Backtracks came out but still this song isn't completely horrible at least it's listenable and this was on their first album - christangrant

I actually don't hate any of these songs but since Back in Black, Thunderstruck and Highway to Hell in the top 10, which anyone who isn't a hater would know those are not anywhere near their worst that's like saying Bohemian Rhapsody is the worst Queen song or Stairway to Heaven is the worst LZ song it's so wrong and laughable.

i added my least favorites to get them out. - christangrant

3 Come and Get It
4 Miss Adventure
5 Shake Your Foundations
6 Send for the Man
7 Nervous Shakedown

How is this not a hit ACDC song

8 Snowballed - AC/DC
9 This House is on Fire
10 The Furor

The Contenders

11 What's Next to the Moon
12 She's Got Balls


13 Mistress for Christmas

Most of the songs on this list I really like, but this is too jokey even for the band that gave us "Big Balls". - truckturner

This list needs to go to hell!

14 Stand Up
15 Let's Make It
16 Danger
17 Some Sin for Nuthin'
18 If You Dare
19 Can't Stand Still
20 You Ain't Got a Hold on Me
21 Caught with Your Pants Down
22 Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck
23 Back in Business
24 Deep in the Hole
25 Whiskey on the Rocks
26 Breaking the Rules
27 Stick Around
28 All Screwed Up
29 Decibel
30 Wheels
31 Spoilin for a Fight
32 Get It Hot
33 Gimme a Bullet
34 Crabsody in Blue
35 Highway to Hell

Whoever added 35-38 needs to go to hell.

36 Back In Black
37 Thunderstruck
38 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
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1. Love Song
2. Come and Get It
3. The Honey Roll
1. Miss Adventure
2. Nervous Shakedown
3. Shake Your Foundations


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