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21 Tommy Wiseau - The Room

The guy directed, produced and performed in "the room" and made possibly the most infamous movie of all time that is so bad that it's fun to watch how bad it is. Seriously just YouTube it and watch his completely off timing and pronunciations of sentences in the English language.

This is the worst acting performance ever. Period. - MontyPython

He's like Daniel day Lewis on Opposite Day...

22 Shaquille O'Neal - Kazaam

A lot of these performances aren't even that bad, but Shaq's performance in this movie is truly awful.

23 Ali Larter - Resident Evil: Afterlife
24 Mike Myers - The Love Guru
25 Forest Whitaker - Battlefield Earth
26 Jared Leto - Suicide Squad

Well this shouldn't be on here at all

The Heath Ledger fanboys probably added this

27 Lindsay Lohan - I Know Who Killed Me
28 Bob Hoskins - Son of the Mask
29 Nicolas Cage - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
30 Beyonce - Obsessed
31 George Clooney - Batman and Robin V 1 Comment
32 Mark Wahlberg - The Happening

What? Noo...

What? Nooo!

33 Hayden Christensen - Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
34 Pamela Anderson - Barb Wire V 1 Comment
35 Paris Hilton - The Hottie and the Nottie
36 Ben Affleck - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Ben Affleck was the best part of BvS. The movie would've been borderline unwatchable without him. - BeatlesFan1964

37 Jamie Kennedy - Son of the Mask
38 Jesse Eisenberg - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice
39 Josh Hartnett - Black Hawk Down
40 Tommy Lee Jones - Batman Forever

Yes. Biggest miscasting of all time in my opinion.

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