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41 Sharknado

You do realize this movie is intended to be terrible, right?

42 Catwoman

How is this not higher?

43 Independence Day: Resurgence
44 Wolf Warrior 2

Action movies from China used to be great. But this blasphemy against the cines should die and be forgotten.
Action movies are amazing. Not because of the fighting scenes, but because of the humane decisions nade by the main characters. The morals and the minds. But this movies is just fighting and kiling and "get revenge on the others". How gross! The main character even killed some soldiers from US without any excuse. He also ignored other innocent foreign peoples in the movie. This is an action-heroism movie, but how is a person a hero when he/she discriminate others because of race?
This movie is also not logical. Cut it short: where is the United Nations in the movie? How can he made bows and arrows and wrestle animals to death with bare hands? I guess this should be enough to tell this movie isn't logical.
In a nutshell, THIS MOVIE SUCKS. - MChkflaguard_Yt

45 Taken
46 Wrath of the Titans
47 Spider-Man 3 V 1 Comment
48 Real Steel
49 The Matrix Revolutions
50 Jaws 3D
51 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

This could have been an interesting, original action movie, but it turned out stupid.

52 Battle: Los Angeles

This has to be the worst because of the shaky camera, it's more shaky than Blair Witch Project, Earth to Echo and the mocumentary comedies.

53 Earth to Echo

This movie is nauseating, it's almost as nauseating as Blair Witch Project (it uses the same format) and it's also gives people vertigo, but it's not as nauseating as Battlefield Los Angeles.

54 End of Days

This is probably the worst Arnold Schwarzenegger movie so far. It has bad acting, plotholes everywhere, and the devil is an awful villain.

55 Transformers: Age of Extinction
56 Taken 2
57 Taken 3
58 Daredevil
59 On Deadly Ground
60 The Mod Squad
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